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16 August 2011

Time to get tough


Positive thought, positive vibe or positive feeling plays a very important role in keeping us going when life gets tough. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "when the going gets tough, the tough get going".

Positive thought will attract positive thought and negative thought will attract negative thought. This is the a universal law we learn from the principle of law of attraction.
But how do you stay positive when your life gets tough?
Here are some suggestions...
Everyone in his/her life will experience those days when everything seems to go wrong despite the best efforts. This is very normal and when it happens, you must learn to stay calm and positive because if you freak out, things will get worse. So what you need to do is to deal with it. You'll feel much better if you do that. Upsetting over or dwelling on your misfortunes is a waste of your energy. Things will get better if you react and use the energy in the positive way.

For the hard ways, you can do like this :

1. Don't smile
Smiling gives someone permission to think you don't really mean what you say as you have this big grin on your face
2. Stand your ground
Backing off is wishy-washy. Standing your ground gives weight to your intention. This means both physically and verbally
3. Tell the truth
Let the other person know what you are feeling. Let them know you aren't comfortable with what they are doing
4. Agree when it's unexpected
If someone tells you you're being silly, agree. They have no place to go after that. "You're a bit touchy." "You're right, I am." It takes the wind out of their sails
5. Don't point fingers
If you intend to tell someone you don't like their behaviour, start sentences with how you feel, not what's wrong with them. Pointing an accusatory finger will only make them more defensive
6. Make up a list of handy excuses
This will get you out of situations long enough to see clearly what's going on before you put yourself back in the fray
7. Change your mind whenever you want to
You have the right to change your mind, whether it's two minutes, two hours or two months after the fact. There will be times when you don't want to honour your commitments
8. Keep things short and sweet
Gabbling won't help, it just gives the other person rope to hang you with
9. Don't engage
Never apologise or explain. Don't supply fuel for someone to use against you
10. Get your 'no' in quickly
Set your marker right at the beginning of the discussion. You can always change your mind later, but if you say it fast, it's out on the table and can't be ignored

I don't offer apologies or excuses, nor do I put someone else's needs before mine. Becoming less nice has made me a nicer person.

So the best action to take when life gets tough is to stay positive. Remember that every adversity carries with it the seeds of a greater benefit.

How being nasty can improve your life

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Good luck All! I wish you all the best! Amalkan persaingan yang sihat!
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Good luck kepada para blogger yek. Untuk kengkawan yang baru tahu, jom kita join ramai-ramai. Lagi ramai, lagi meriah. Blogging for Comunity
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