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21 September 2011

140 Billion gambar, dalam Facebook?


Jumlah gamba-gambar yang telah dimuatnaik ke dalam Facebook sebanyak 140 bilion. Bayangkan yek. Sebab tu la aku malas nak letak gamba banyak-banyak. hahaha.. Kalau korang nak tahu, jumlah tu adalah 10,000 kali lebih banyak daripada katalog gambar yang terdapat di Perpustakaan Kongres iaitu perpustakaan yang terbesar di dunia.
Flickr iaitu laman web yang menjadi hos khusus untuk imej dan video pon ketinggalan dengan 140 bilion gambar. Dikatakan jugak, kira-kira 2.5 bilion orang di seluruh dunia memiliki kamera digital. Hakikatnya pulak, jumlah gambar yang dirakam setiap dua minit sehari adalah sama jumlahnya dengna gambar yang dirakam pada 1880-an.

Jika seseorang merakam 150 gambar setahun(secara purata), ini bermakna 375 bilion gambar ni di ambil secara keseluruhannya. lebih 70 bilion gamba dijanka dimuatnaikan dalam Facebook tahun ni, bermakna kira-kira 20% daripada semua gambar yang diambil akan dimasukkan ke laman tu.

Lagi satu kalau korang nak tahu kan, jika hackers atau sape pon yang dapat masuk dalam facebook korang, alamatnya selamat tinggal la. Cara mudah kita nak tahu pasal seseorang tu cuma melalui laman sosial je sebab ape? sebab kat dalam tu semua maklumat pasal diri kita ada. Sebagai contoh, no. hp ke, alamat ke, sape kawan-kawan kita, apa kije kita, minat kita dan yang paling best sekali gamba kita la. Kan semua tu pakej? Gambar dan biodata diri. Nak apa lagi kan? hahahah oleh itu beringat-ingat la yek.

FootNote ~  Tuan empunya blog pon ada Facebook gak, cuba la pegi tengok profile hahahah
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::May The Force be with you::

Sleeping with my blanket, wrapped up like a cocoon yaww 

OOhhhh Dammit..i'm suffers from insomnia and can’t sleep. I tried many sleep remedies such as counting sheep, reading, warm milk, sleep music, self-hypnosis tapes and even over-the-counter sleep medication and etc.. “I can’t sleep and I don’t know what to do.”. But that's not always every day life, is it?

The Clone War(Bite size info, easy to digest yaww)

Let mes tell you a little bit about Star Wars : The Clone Wars and why i'm addicted with all this. Star Wars: The Clone Wars isn’t average cartoon. The series showcasing the events between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith goes above and beyond the standards for a 22-minute show. It’s not just the visual effects that improve every year either; the stories are becoming more expansive and layered. It’s a series for fans of Star Wars, young and old alike. If you are not fan of Star Wars, just forget about it and don't read this entry hahaha but if u try to like it, keep on reading yaww.
Anakin Skywalker

Anakin’s fall to the Dark side
One reason the prequels were exciting is because fans wanted to see how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. How does someone become so full of hatred and evil? The relatively quick turn of events in Revenge of the Sith left many wanting more. To me, Star Wars is the story of Anakin Skywalker and I wanted to see the slow fall instead of the jump over the cliff into the Dark side ocean – well, lava. You get the slower pace in The Clone Wars.
Darth Vader
Anakin has to wrestle not only with his attachment to Padmé but also to his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. He acts very much like a big brother to her and feels responsible for her. That’s not so far from the Jedi way, but when a successful mission depends on him leaving her behind, he finds it hard to walk away. You can see his missteps and watch as they slowly build up. He has to contend with his destiny as the Chosen One and with Palpatine’s subtle pushes. Add those factors into the decisions he has to make to help win the war against the Separatists, and you can see the path to Mustafar widen in front of him.
Ashoka Tano (Anakin Padwan)*Padwan is Jedi Apprentice
Just another short review. I would to tell you more but worried if not all of you like to read a really looOOong entry, what i just like to say it's good to share something you like or to tell what you like to do with everyone else. No heart feeling bebeh hahha. Fot the record, i only have season 1 of The Clone Wars which officially now it has season 4. soooo ketinggalan hahah kan kan.

#fact about me
-tweet, blogging, clone wars then sleep.(Martha Stewart show, The Doctors show waktu nak tido)

FootNote ~ free-writing “the mind dump,” I wish i could grab an intergalactic passport and take a tour yaw!
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