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16 February 2010

happily just for a while...

happy .. i'm happy... but just for a while maybe. for the past 3 day i guess, the day that make me happy even for a while. hahahaha.. it ok. the beginning of never ending story or endless story or whatever you want to call it. ooo damn and now i' back and being like a normal people, start feeling like nobody want me.

such a beauty-fool or beautiful life? it depend on yourself how to decorate it. but to me it just useless when someone that make you happy maybe just for a while is disappear again? hahahha nothing much to say and write because i don't have a great story about my life to share and nothing good happen indeed. yeah yeahh... talking and writing too much until the dead sent to me an invitation to go to the hell... hahahaha

so tired for looking a new job. huaaaaaa.. don't know that so hard to find a new job ha...then my scooter just make me piss off, damn it shit . ti think i gonna throw my bike into the sea, so the fish can make it a comfortable house.. hahahahha

bla.. bla.. bla...
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