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30 September 2011

::What men want::What men are looking for in a woman::

A lot of women assume they know what it is men want from a relationship, but invariably they get it wrong. They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and like women, men have needs and expectations when it comes to finding love, so here are some tips to help women when it comes to figuring out what men want from a relationship.

Men look for women that are fun, with a sense of humor whom they can have a laugh with. Being able to share hobbies and things you both enjoy will help to bring you closer together as a couple. It shows that you have a playful side and being able to laugh at yourself shows your down to Earth and don’t take things too seriously.

It goes without saying that men and women want trust from a relationship and without it a relationship is doomed. Trust is something that is built over time and a man is likely to work a lot harder at a relationship when they know that that trust is there.

A homemaker
Despite many women feeling that men have issues with commitment, men actually want to build a home with their partner. They want someone who can provide a loving and caring environment for their children to grow up in.

Men are looking for someone to be their companion and friend who they can tell their deepest feeling or fears to, and respect them. They want a woman who is able to give their opinion and be strong enough to admit that they may be wrong sometimes.

A listener
Just like women, men want someone who is there for them when they need to grumble about work or complain about things. Men are looking for a woman who will be understanding and truly listen to them and who is supportive.

Someone self sufficient
By this we mean they want someone who is confident and secure in themselves, who doesn’t need to be attached to their partner 24/7. While their lives are joined together in a relationship, still retain their independence, friends and individuality.

Men are looking for someone they can talk to rather than someone who shouts screams and cries when it comes to arguments. Being able to discuss problems rather than argue with one another is key.

Both men and women look for someone they are sexually attracted to whom they can be intimate with. Sex helps a couple to bond and is important to the relationship and men wants a woman who actually enjoys having sex with them.

FootNote ~ Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motives. 
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29 September 2011

::Top 10 sexiest style icons of the 60s::

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style.

Not everyone's a born trendsetter of impeccable style. In this generation we may have the likes of Lady Gaga and Kate Moss as style icons but what about the 1960s? Who were the 'it' women of that era? Despite decades of fashion reinvention, these women are often still inspirations of women everywhere including fashion designers themselves.

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style. (Getty Images)
Marilyn Monroe: The blonde bombshell who personified sexy and loved her dresses tight.

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style. (AP File)
Brigitte Bardot: The girl with the chic sexy hair who made the bikini famous (among other things)
(Avril Lavigne??? hehehe)

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style. (Getty Images)
Anita Ekberg: The curvy style icon who channeled elegance and glamour.

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style. (Getty Images)
Sophia Loren: The girl who openly embraced her sexuality and curves.

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style. (Getty Images)
Catherine Deneuve: The girl who with the classic Parisian flair for fashion.

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style. (Getty Images)
Audrey Hepburn: The girl with the little black dress and a polished sense of style.

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style. (AP File)
Elizabeth Taylor: The girl who fell in love with diamonds and couture.

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style. (Getty Images)
Jane Birkin: The girl with the Hérmes iconic bag which was named after her. Enough said, no?

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style. (Getty Images)
Ursula Andress: The Bond girl who made the two-piece bikini a staple in every woman's wardrobe.

From actresses to models, these women have one thing in common: Timeless beauty and style. (Getty Images)
Twiggy: The girl who made 'mod' style a worldwide fashion phenomenon. 
(you can see her at American Next Top Model, one of the judge )

FootNote ~ So... what do you think? cool bebeh hahahaha

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::Think Outside Of the Skeleton Dude::


I've been at this blogging thing since 2008 and faced many a time staring at my computer with dread. Not again. Honestly. Ain’t nothing left to say. It’s all been said before. And I said it. Tank’s empty. It’s boring. I’m bored. Totally yaw.

Your readers want your words, and the need must be fed. What do you do when you can’t think of anything of value to add other than what you ate for lunch? The well know blogger must be have many thing they want to share about. Me? Just a piece of junk article.
A couple years ago, when blogging was still in its infancy, a post title like this was fairly common, along with titles such as:

Nothing Happened Today
I Don’t Have Anything to Say
Not Much, You?
Been a While
Sorry, I Haven’t Been Around Much Lately
What should I say next?
I have to write something here

Now, as an experienced blogger yourself, you know that these post titles are ineffective and time wasters since they give no information and have no keywords or search terms in them. You’ve also learned that people don’t care about your excuses and don’t want to read them, so stop making them. Just blog and get to the point, BE, Nuffnang, Adverlets and so on and on and on bla bla bla

But what do you do when you look at your computer screen and think, “I got nothing to say.”
It’s not writer’s block, or the more modern blogger’s block. That’s a more serious issue. It’s normal to confront your blog and feel compelled to write something, and yet have nothing to say. Do you?
I don’t know how it started, but blogging comes with an implied requirement: You must contribute something of value but Sometimes i just write something dumb...who want to read? hahahaha

Along the way, I hope you add your suggestions for how to overcome the got-nothing-to-blog syndrome and help others overcome their temporary blog blocks. We all get them, and knowing you aren't alone can be the first step in recovery.
Inspiration always came in unexpected places

What blocks your creative blogging flow and how do you get past it and back to blogging?
If you are serious about blogging, don't be in a hurry to post even if you have a slightest idea. Find a silent place and devote some time nurturing that idea. Keep paper and pen handy. Keep jotting the key points which you can elaborate later. Now re-visit your points and add details. Re-check what you have written and think from a reader's perspective. Check words and phrases and try to improve the readability. Keep thinking about making your post interesting. Search for any relevant images that can be included with your post.
To remain full of ideas, keep reading related books and articles. For example, if your blog is about fitness, keep checking books, articles and other blogs on fitness. Share your experiences with techniques that you previously followed. Don't just preach, remain practical. I keep pen and small diary with me while I travel. If a slightest idea pops inside me, I jot it down and keep refining it for a few days.

Serious blogging is a lot of effort. If you are not serious, it is not a matter of concern what you write. It needs a slight discipline if you want to post valuable articles regularly. Why the heck i'm telling all this? hahaha i'm not a good writer in blogging too yaw.

FootNote ~ “I Have No Idea What I’m Going to Blog About” yaw
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::I have NO IDEA what to write a story about::


An ant started climbing a wall, climbed for a while and then fell off.... 
again the same ant started climbing a wall, climbed for a while and then fell off....
again the same ant started climbing a wall, climbed for a while and then fell off....
again the same ant started climbing a wall, climbed for a while and then fell off....
again the same ant started climbing a wall, climbed for a while and then fell off.... 

Once upon a time in a land Far, far away A boy sat in his room, one day and thought
"What should I write a story about?" And then suddenly he knew

The End
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28 September 2011

Wordless Wednesday #5

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Wordless Wednesday #4


FootNote ~ Enjoy perform dari Paku n Belacan yaw
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Wordless Wednesday #3


FootNote ~ Benkyo 2003 - 2005
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Wordless Wednesday #2


FootNote ~ Mine..
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wordless wednesday #1


FootNote ~ .................
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26 September 2011

Malware Warning : Dah remove yaw


Huaaa thanks to Miss Dolce sebab bagitahu pasal Malware neh. Baru lepas scan je ni. Xkan ada lagi kot? huahahahaha 2 site aku scan suma cakap clean.

Aku dah check bloglist yang aku ada follow sebab Malware Warning tu akan sertakan sekali url yang boleh bagi suspicious gitu. Terus la aku remove dari bloglist tu tapi masih jugak kuar warning tu. Aku check coding suma ok. Last sekali aku remove widget bloglist kat blog aku, and walaaah... dah takde kuar warning.

Ada juga aku scan kat pc aku, fail yang suspicious pon cuma fail .ocx yang takde berkaitan tapi dilabel sebagai hackertool. Alhamdulillah lega rasanya hehehe. Cuma aku nak jelaskan kat sini, blog aku di label sebagai suspek melware sebab blog yang follow tu atau link yang ada kat blog aku untuk follow blog tu tetap di label sebagai malware. er betol ke yang aku cakap neh? betol la kot heheh

Ok untuk blogger yang dapat warning macam ni, aku sarankan korang tgk dulu link apa yang menyebabkan blog korang leh terikut jadi macam ni. Selalunya dia akan bold kan link yang ada malware. Check dalam bloglist korang ada tak url tu. Kalau ada, terus remove kan dari bloglist korang tu. Kiranya stop following la. Lepas tu korang kena buang widget yang ada letak link tersebut atau dengan kata lain, korang buang terus widget tu dan buat semula. Untuk pengetahun korang juga, kalau korang stop follow dari Dashboard Blogger pon, benda ni masih ada lagi, jadi sebab tu aku sarankan korang buang widget sekali. 

Lepas dah buat semua tu, clearkan cache browser korang, dan cuba taip semula blog url korang. Kalau dah tak keluar, maknanya benda tu dah tak jadi la. Malware completely remove yaww...Kalau ada pertanyaa, sila la pm atau tinggalkan komen. Terima kasih heheheh

FootNote ~ Hati-hati follow blog. Jangan pakai follow je hahahha dah jadi pengajaran buat aku.
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25 September 2011

James Dean via Rebel Without a Cause:: Awesome


Selamat sejahtera semua... sibuk study ke ape neh hehehe..

Pesal topik aku duk English je, tapi entry Bahasa Melayu? hahaha malas nak taip omputeh kot. Bruuppp alhamdulillah.. kenyang makan nasi goreng pattaya tadi bersama dengan Nescafe ais. Tapau je. Bosan sangat tak tahu nak update ape. Sebenarnya aku ada buat 2, 3 posting tapi terhenti di tengah jalan. Terus aku delete posting aku tu. Nak share tapi takut orang bosan baca hahaha.. kisah pulak dengan apa orang nak baca yekk.

Baru je lepas tengok F1 night race singapore tadi. Sekali enjin keta dia bunyik macam gajah pon ada aku dengar. hahahha layan je. Dari tadi aku asyik bertuka-tukar channel.

#fact bout me ~ # i love retro movies or tv series.
Yeah. betol tu. Aku memang suka sangat tengok cerita-cerita lama neh. Contoh macam sekarang ni, James Dean. Korang pernah dengar pasal James Dean? Dia ni icon jugak. Dia mati sebelum filem yang aku tengok ni kuar iaitu tahun 1955. Dah lama dah pon. Tapi boleh jadi legend hahah.. lagenda sebab pe? korang kena kaji sendiri. Semua nak kena suappp je eh?
Antara cerita yang aku suka tengok, Hawaii-Five-O, The Three Stooges, The Persuaders dan apa lagi eh? Tombstone kira lama tak? hahahah atau King and I ke, Marry Poppin, er... Sound Of Music? boleh gitu? hehehe Ten Commandment pon aku ada tapi versi lama la. Tak tahu lak ada versi baru ke tak. Bagi aku kalau korang tengok filem-filem lama yang ada sensitivi agama ni, aku nak nasihat, jangan sesat. hahahaha sebab mentaliti orang kita ni bukan boleh kira sangat. Sikit-sikit murtad. Tu yang bahaya kalau pegangan agama tu tak kuat, mudah terpesong. Sama jugak kalau korang tengok Evan All Mighty ke, Bruce All Mighty ke kan, cerita yang seolah-olah melambangkan Nabi atau Allah ni memang takleh ler sebab takut fikiran atau akidah terpesong.
Ni lagi satu siri tv yang aku paling minat, The Persuaders. Sebab apa aku minat? Sebab ada Sir Roger Moore. Kalau korang nak tahu Sir Roger Moore ni adalah salah seorang pelakon James Bond dulu-dulu selain dari Sean Connery. Kenal kee? heheh meh aku attach gamba eh.
Gamba muda
gamba dah tua 
Haaa.. ada rasa-rasa kenal? kenal kan? heheheh.. ni lak Rooger Moore. Muka dia ala-ala Pierce Brosnan sikit kan? Lebih kurang la tu.
Roger Moore
Apa yang aku nak bagi tahu kat sini, kalau kita tengok cerita dulu-dulu dengan sekarang, takde yang dapat buat sebagus dulu jugak rasanya. Ada pro dengan kontra la kan. Yang aku suka cerita-cerita lama ni sebab jalan cerita atau pun environment cerita tu sendiri. Best dan tergelak-gelak bila tengok stail orang dulu-dulu. Tapi best yaww... hahahha

Apa yang aku merepek? aku tak tahu. Yang aku tahu aku nak juga posting 1, 2 entry. Rasa macam rimas perut je kalau takde posting nak letak, takde benda nak cerita ke ape. Apasal banyak gamba laki je? nak gamba pompuan? pon ada jugak. Tapi lain waktu aku cerita pulak. hahahah

FootNote ~ If you wish your merit to be known, acknowledge that of other people!
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I couldn't believe the ridiculous weather on Sunday!

Ahad yang membosankan. Tido lewat pon bangun awal, tido awal pon bangun awal gak. Kalau tak tido, baru la dapat bangun lewar. Tapi pegi pasar, beli makanan tengahari aku, Nasi Ayam. Ingat nak cari dvd movie best-best ke tapi takde yang berkenan di hati aku jugak.
Balik umah tengok Nasi Ayam yang aku beli tadi. Cari jugak mana air Nescafe ais aku beli tadi...adoii orang tu lupa bagi la pulak. Dah la aku dah siap bayar semua. Dahh teringat-ingat nescafe ais. Nak buat ke nak beli? Rasanya kena buat jugak la neh. Semalam family aku datang JB jumpa aku. Actually derang datang jalan-jalan kat Melaka. Jumpa adik perempuan aku yang bekerja kat sana. Pastu derang datang jalan-jalan sini je jumpa aku, Seronok jugak la sebab raya hari tu aku tak balik kampung, so derang darang jumpa aku kat sini. Adik aku pulak duk cerita nak bawak kuar Chevrolet Cruze bulan depan.. adoi berbulu dengar. Harga keta dah boleh bawak kuar Fairlady dengan Skyline dah tu hehehe. tapi takpe la dah dia minat kereta gitu.

Ok. Dah blur. Bosan. Dah blogwalking tadi. Nothing different and catchy entry yang dapat buat aku tertarik untuk dibaca hari ni. Sekian. 

FootNote ~ foot note bergambar
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24 September 2011

Silly (but fun!) when exam just around the corner

We've all had our fun days - some fun in the sun, a shopping trip, or even just lazing in front of the tube watching cartoons. But hey, when exams are around the (nearby) corner and the fun reaches to an end - for awhile at least - does it mean ALL of the fun comes must cease to exist?

Anyways, that is beside the point. The point is, chillaxing during the exam period is not wrong. Heck, it's great for the people taking exam right now yaw hahah

So I've made a list of things that to do, to ya help reduce some backache, some migraine and some calories! All in the comfort of your desk and room. Viewers are not advisable due to high possibility of being called a lunatic! Check it out yaw
List of silly things to do:
March around the house 10, or 20, or 50 times!
This totally makes sense if you've been sitting at you desk, studying for hours, but you don't want to go out for a walk. Increased repetition is also recommended for residents of small room.

Purposefully singing out of tune.
Tired of constrictive singing that leaves you frustrated for not being able to reach that high note? Sing anyway and anyhow you want! Tip: forget about listening to how you sound. Better still, forget about who is listening to you.

Annoy your roommates.
Switch on the radio and turn the volume up - especially when it is playing the opening song of anything you like! Tip: This only works if he/she is older than you and is NOT a fan of the that song.

Prank call your close friends in the middle of the night.
And don't get mad when they treat you as their best buddy by prank calling you the next day! It is your turn to have some sleepless nights.

Jump up and down and up and down and up and down as if you're on a bed!??
"What if your head crashes into the ceiling??" Sounds familiar? I think so too.
Write an article about the silly things you do, or are planning to do! Need I say more? ;)

FootNote ~ "Awh, how sincere and thoughful you are!"
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23 September 2011

Untuk sape-sape yang sudi (Please..)

Salam reader semua.

Takde benda sangat ni tapi nak mintak join je benda ni. korang join aku, aku join korang balik. hehhe untuk pengetahuan korang, aku baru je masuk benda alah ni. Macam best pulak. Sebab tu aku nak invite sape-sape yang sudi la kan boleh la follow terus link yang aku bagi ni.Bukan spam ke virus ke ape tapi lebih kurang macam program ipanelonline gak. Alaa.. yang kita wat survey pastu dapat duit tuu... yang ni lain sikit la. Nak kena invite kengkawan, aku invite kat facebook pon takde sambutan, so aku nak mintak lak tolong kat sini.
Mana tahu ada yang sudi nak tolong join sekali je kan. Kalau korang join benda ni, nak aku join balik pon boleh. Tinggalkan link kat komen.

klik link SINI pastu join leh tak? mintak tolong je ni huhuuh

FootNote ~ Tahap merayu mintak join. Harap ada yang sudi yek. huhuhuhuhu
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Yawning Nonetheless :: Reviewing Azumanga Daioh Anime Part 3


Despite being the sixth member in the five-man lineup, Kagura definitely does not play second fiddle and is just as goofy and likable as her friends. She’s the most hot-blooded of the group and is often seen playing the role of the headstrong, almost juvenilely-pugilistic ruffian. As she excels at sports, but not at schoolwork, she makes quick friends with Tomo and Osaka (and thus the Knuckleheadsare born) and finds a lofty rival in Sakaki.

Kagura is probably the most well-rounded of the cast as she possesses Yomi’s common sense (without her inferiority complex), Osaka’s unconcerned braindead-ness, Tomo’s bombastic belligerence, Chiyo’s optimistic mindset, and Sakaki’s honed athleticism.
Everyone Else
Surprisingly, one of the most entertaining characters in the show isn’t even a member of the mainnakama. Yes, homeroom English teacher Yukari-sensei is unfailingly amusing to watch in action as she is somehow less mature and significantly less responsible than 99% the students in her class (the exception of course being Tomo who is probably a good indication of what “Yukari-chan” was like as a student). She’s prone to flying into a frenzy whenever things don’t go her way (which is often), much to the chagrin of her fellow co-worker, Minamo Kurosawa.

The two are as hilarious to watch play off each other as Tomo and Yomi. Whereas “Nyamo” is levelheaded and professional, Yukari acts like an adult child, constantly making bets with her and roping her into heated competitions such as the yearly sports festival. Nyamo usually responds with either indifference or a snappy, snarky retort of her own, which always leaves Yukari pitiably dejected.
Finally, there’s Kimura-sensei, notorious for his unrivaled eccentricity despite being a kind-hearted, devoted, and charitable husband and father. His stalker-esque obsession with school girls truly knows no bounds.

Poor Kaorin.With an outstanding cast of characters, AzuDai warmly invites you with open arms to chill out with a quirky and sugary, yet pure and empathic (as in not overly-exaggerated) group of high school girls. The heartwarming feeling of just kicking back with them hits so close to home that you might even take one of them as your waifu by the time the bittersweet graduation rolls around.

FootNote ~ End Of Part 3. I know, people hate to read long entry right? I had to made it short in 3 part. hahahhahah and for i me? i would suggest you if you love the Japanese culture or want to know how it's feel if you have a chance to live at Japan? or it keep you remember the good old days.. hahahaha luv all.
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Yawning Nonetheless :: Reviewing Azumanga Daioh Anime Part 2

More about the character...

Cooking is so fun….cooking is so fun.

The overly optimistic child prodigy of the group. Chiyo acts as the voice of creativity and motivation. Although she is wise beyond her years in terms of book-smarts and strong-willed determination, her experiential immaturity often leads to her being fairly gullible. Her playful, childish tendencies are often charming and hilarious, such as delicately dashing between streetlights in the middle of the night to reach a convenience store.

Sakaki. Not good with cats.

As one of the most memorable Shirking Violets in anime, Sakaki is a peculiar case as her intimidating physical stature and perpetually ponderous expression involuntarily thrust her into the limelight. She shares a particularly close bond of friendship with Chiyo as the two of them are the kindest and gentlest members of the group and have a mutual interest in animals. Sakaki’s affection, however, extends to full-blown infatuation and her attempts to pet cats are continually met with abrasive hostility, much to her dismay and our amusement. Sakaki embodies The Woobie quite well as you can’t help but feel sorry for the fact that she draws unwanted attention. People expect her to be “mean” and “badass,” but tragically few people see her for who she truly is (hence, the Shirking Violet).
Tomo and Yomi
These two share quite the relationship. Conceptually, it’s nothing new as far as Vitriolic Best Buds go, but in terms of execution, the interplay between them is nothing short of priceless. Tomo is the hysterically hyperactive (and by that I mean, even the likes of Haruhi Suzumiya can’t hold a candle) and carelessly capricious Genki Girl who injects excitement and vivacity into the group. However, with genkiness comes the desire to be center of attention. Tomo is no exception and takes it upon herself to play pranks on people (her favorite target being her best friend, Yomi), make boisterous, tactless remarks, and just be an indefatigable Jerkass in general.

Fortunately (for the world), she’s at least periodically reined in by Yomi, who plays the role of the Straight Man, i.e. the feet-on-the-ground, stringently sober foil to Tomo’s free-radical nature. Of course, this doesn’t stop Tomo from getting on her nerves (When Yomi is unable to make it to the theme park due to an illness, Tomo is first one to rub it in her face as much as humanly possible). The highlight of their friendship occurs when Yomi gets so fed-up with Tomo’s antics that she decides to sock it to her in the final episode of the series.While their interactions may be unoriginal insofar as that they all but epitomize the staples of aBoke And Tsukkomi Routine, Tomo and Yomi are an endless source of hilarity rivaled only by Osaka herself.
Speak of the Osakan Oni! Osaka is hands-down the most charming character of the show. She repeatedly steals the spotlight whenever she’s onscreen and is the driving force behind many of the series’ running gags.For one, her “slow and spacey” open-mounted, wide-eyed, and completely blank default expression which she admirably displays is impossible to look at without laughing. Then there’s the fact that she’s endearingly naïve and gullible, often absentmindedly stating the obvious or being harassed as Tomo’s personal chew toy (Osaka is probably her second favorite target after Yomi).

“Get it together, get it together.”
However, Osaka’s eminent infamy can be chalked up to her vaunted position as queen of Cloud Cuckoo Land. It’s as if her approach to life is to be totally vacant and complacent while occasionally spouting the weirdest lines imaginable. But she does so in such an openly innocent and benign manner that dubbing her an inattentive idiot is always done under the most affectionate of intentions.

To be fair, in a hilarious revelation, Osaka demonstrates that she’s incredibly skilled at thinking literally as she manages to answer Tomo’s trick-riddles without a second thought. All the more proof that she rules over her domain with an iron fist.

To Be Continue (End Of Part 2)
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Yawning Nonetheless :: Reviewing Azumanga Daioh Anime Part 1


This review is about what i love to see and what i like to watch. I'm reviewing this because it's something i just want to share about. If you hate it, don't make it hard to read it. If you love it and wanna try to watch it, just read in a mood hippiyayeahh. I love to watch this because i love the feeling when i watching it. (bad english lol) Happy Reading!
Azumanga Daioh is a series that always reminds me of the simplistic joys of everyday high-school life. After recently going through it a second time, I thought I’d express my views on what made this show such a runaway hit. Hope yo like it. It's a loooong review yaw hahha. Don't mad at me if you hate to read it.
First and foremost, Azumanga Daioh is one of the most unique comedy series’ in all of anime. It sports an absurdly offbeat and unconventional sense of humor that only a handful of people can trulygrasp. As such, people tend to assert that the series is very much an acquired taste, as viewers will either hold it on a pedestal as comedic gold or write it off as pointless, impenetrable babble.

While the comedic timing is often spot-on, the series has a lot of trouble with pacing and maintaining consistency in general. As an example, compare the scenes focusing on Chiyo or Sakaki to the ones focusing on Osaka. While all three characters possess quirks that could potentially grind the pacing to a halt (Chiyo being a diligent child genius, Sakaki being a painfully shy introvert, and Osaka being, well…Osaka), it’s primarily the Chiyo or Sakaki-centric scenes that encourage bouts of yawning.
Perfect yawning, maybe, but yawning nonetheless.

Pacing issues aside, AzuDai just outright isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The series is already vacuous enough to begin with and more cynical-minded people will find it almost offensively inane as if it’s deliberately trying to test their patience or waste their time. So it’s definitely not for folks who want a series where “stuff happens” or those looking for an “intellectually rewarding” experience.

With that out of the way, what exactly is it that makes AzuDai a timeless classic? Simply put, it’s the characters.

These schoolgirls comprise the most lovable and exasperatingly eccentric nakama that you wish you could be a part of. The characterization is particularly robust, even if there is little overall development due to a distinct lack of plot. Heck, I would say that AzuDai sports such a brilliant cast that it warrants its own section.

To be Continue (End of Part 1)

FootNote ~ Love this anime but hate to read it? LOL hahahha i love to review it if i love the show yaw

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