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03 October 2011

::I know, shameless laziness on my part::

I wish I could explain the immense conflict in my head just in getting myself to focus and write this blog post.

"I should get myself a drink."
"Is that somebody at the door?"
"I need to start playing through Yahoo! Pool Game tonight."
"What if I just wrote a post explaining how busy my night got, and then I can just write this big post tomorrow."
"I'm waiting... for.. something."
"This link looks like somethin' good to read!"
"I need to read through these status updates first."

And on it goes....

Now I know that this is typical for any human being to start mind-wandering in this way when faced with an undesirable or difficult task.  However, I knew there was a problem in my life when I realized I agonized like this over almost anything I ever tried to get myself to do:  laundry, responding to phone calls or messaging? (credit expired lol), doing blog research, exercising (sleeping), or anything else.
Here's the big picture that I had to realize to start my active journey to overcoming laziness (which I hope to break down more specifically in future blog posts):

Laziness is about more than your personal decision to do or not do something.  Every time you make the decision to put something off that is important, or cut corners on a project, or skip something all together that you were supposed to do, somebody was hurt by that action.  It might be your boss, your parents, your friend, your coworker, your club members, or your teammates.  At the very, very least, you let down yourself .. hurmm
When I don't feel like waiting for a meal to cook or doing dishes, I hurt my health and/or my wallet when I decide it's necessary to get fast food too often.

I still believe that occasional laziness is human nature, and that it would be nearly impossible to never be lazy ever again.  With my own life however, I can feel in my heart that I have crossed the line to sinful laziness, and my relationship with God has suffered.  The pleasures we experience in this world can be good, including my video games, sports/movie/news sites that I like to read, fast food, tv, and other things of this nature.  What I believe we must do is enjoy these pleasures of life after we have fulfilled our important duties of the day.   This probably means different things to each one of us.
FootNote ~ What the hell i'm blogging about? running out of idea.. gosh
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