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03 November 2011

::"Lecturer-student RELATIONSHIP, anything WRONG?"::

If we discussing about relationship, everyone will set in mind the loving couple relationship. It kind weird for me to think about which relationship should i write about and i assume, the love thing? My point is it can be wrong if we look into the term of relationship itself and the reason (if you are student), why you should'n have the feeling to the person whose teach you?

REMEMBER!, they teach you and give the knowledge just because to make you a better person for the future. Not to make you fall in love with them. Yeah i know, love is the greatest feel and pleasure, gave from Allah to us but  let us try to be reasonable. So what happen to the students-have-to-respect-to-the-lecturer  and lecturer-have-to-had-toleration-to-students? Gone! when you can denied the over reacting love-hug-kiss to them? Totally it cannot be tolerated. Normal these day when student like/love the lecturer but lecturer fall for them? er..maybe i will think twice in many expect of view. I'll make it simple and easy to understand.

If you want to try to have relationship with your lecturer then ask yourself, would you do that if one or your student want to have relationship with you?If you have the answer then you can stop reading this. Many factor we can consider in making these a realistic relationship and it's need two to tango so let think about this over and over again before making a huge decision about changing the future of your life and the real purpose when we go to college. My answer, go to school and study for the better future. The relationship? You may find the soul-mate into the journey to the future of you life. Just patient and don't loose the focus.

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mohd sasuke said...

salam..this is my 1st time come here..I'd agree with all the points here..btw what's tango?not familiar..hehe..anyway wish u best of luck..=)

Miss Dolce and Gabbana said...

Contest eh? Berat gila tajuk.Oh tidak mengapa nanti aku buat satu.

AcidFlynN Wraith said...

Mohd Sasuke : Thanks 4 the visit. Need two to Tango, tango is a dance, just like salsa. U need a partner to do The tango dance. If we translate it to Malay, the meaning of the phrase should be "tepuk sebelah tangan, tak berbunyi" Thanks for the wish.

Miss Dolce : Tajuk memang berat tapi situasi yang sebenar terjadi walaupun tak banyak kan? heheh tu la aku harap kau join tau hehehe

rozeeta rashid said...

ada lecturer ajak kawan saya kahwin. macam mana pulak tu? haha.

AcidFlynN Wraith said...

sebab tu sy cakap, banyak faktor yang kita boleh pertimbangkan. ada pro dan kontra. Yang penting, macam mana kita nak nilai dan buat keputusan tu sendiri. kalau dah dia ajak, kalau sudi, terima je. kalau tak, teruskan dengan pe yg kita dah buat heheheheh.. tepuk sebelah tangan, xkan berbunyik kan. masa kan pokok bergoyang kalau takde angin kan kan heheheheh

Miss Dolce and Gabbana said...

Otak aku dah saturated nak fikir benda-benda macam ni.Butterfly in my stomach sudah.Esok result aku keluar weii.haha

AcidFlynN Wraith said...

aku doakan ko berjaya. dah hibernasi mesti ko dah ready nak dapat result hahahaha good luck buddy

sha my heart said...

yeah, this situation goes to my coursemate and lecturer. The bad thing is, my classmate is show off like staff to the academician. All lecturer dislike 'their' relationship also because it can make bias when she mark the her lover's paper. huhu~

AcidFlynN Wraith said...

Miss Sha : good respond and thought. We must think about side effect in our life or how it can be infected to the other people and also we must precisely think based on the situation and what will happen. Really nice opinion.

thehootingmind said...

if you really love each other...both of you can choose the option to keep a relationhip a secret until you graduate.

AcidFlynN Wraith said...

one way or another. Keep the secret is the best solution too, to distract people from being negative thinking.

sha my heart said...

that not my opinion but from my experience. =)

What we do, sometime must think the culture were practice.

p/s: ur English is superb, i want learn from u. teach me pls. Lol. Haha~

AcidFlynN Wraith said...

if you have been in these situation before, that it's call experience, but if you see others in these situation, that is and opinion in your point of view. hehehehe

محمد رازيق said...

nice post bro :)

AcidFlynN Wraith said...


fRaMe+LenSeS said...

Nadh datang melawat peserta contest mr.Eq. tahniah.. Suka cara kamu menyampaikan pendapat.

moga berjaya. ;)

AciDFlynNWraitH said...

terima kasih. hehehe

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