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17 October 2011

::Feel Sad::Little Girl Struck By a 2 Vehicle::


The toddler was hit by a van on Thursday in the city of Foshan.
After the van sped off, several pedestrians and vehicles passed the girl without stopping. Several minutes later she was hit by another vehicle. A rubbish collector finally helped her, but she is said to be seriously hurt.
The incident was captured on surveillance cameras and aired on local media.

'Lacking conscience'
The footage showed the van hitting the little girl, pausing briefly while she was under the vehicle and then driving off, running over her legs. It then showed about a dozen passers-by, including cyclists, a motorcyclist and a woman and child, noticing the little girl lying injured in the street but walking on.

After she was hit by the second vehicle, a rubbish collector spotted the little girl and moved her to the kerb, then began looking for her mother. The child, Yue Yue, was taken to hospital for emergency surgery but pronounced brain dead on Sunday, the China Daily reported. The newspaper said she had wandered off while her mother went to collect some laundry.

The drivers of both vehicles have now been arrested, the newspaper said, but the incident has also triggered outcry among Chinese citizens. 

"Even pigs and dogs are better than they are!" 

FootNote ~ Sad and speechless.. damn it. "Now people ignore everything other than money. This society is lacking people with a conscience badly."

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::Surat Tunjuk Sebab::Ganu Menang lwn Klate::


Isi Kandungan Surat (Bagi yang tak paham) 

Sebab saya tulis surat yang comel ke kepada ketua kampung sebab nak mintak tiang gol baru. Bukan ape, tiang gol lama dah rosak teruk jugak, tak stabil (ngok ngek tu effek) kalau kambing langgar sikit pon rasanya boleh roboh tiang gol tu. Lagi pon tiang tu dah berusia 20 tahun dah.

Bukan nak marah, cuma nak bagitahu. Cuba tengok kampung lain, tiang gol pon cantik. Lagi cantik dari tiang Seri ketua kampung. Benggang gak bila orang kampung lain duk sindir kampung kita. Malu ar tok. Sebab tu la saya nak mintak jasa baik tok ketua kampung keluarkan bajet sikit untuk beli tiang gol baru. Nak yang biasa biasa je kalau beli yang mahal nanti, kena curi lak.

Macam tu ar cerita, bukan buat lawak pon nak sembang kosong pon tak jugak. Kalau tak percaya, pergi la tengok. Rasanya cantik lagi tiang jamban rumah Makcik Senah tu dari tiang gol ni. Kira jadi ar neh? Rasa rasa minggu depan ada tiang baru tak? harap ada la.

Tukang lapor nak tiang gol.
Mamat Bin Awang

FootNote ~ Boleh en gitu? gurau gurau je jangan sentap lak puok ganu atau klate. hahahahaha
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:: The CUBE :: Not The All-Spark twin::

When The Autobot lost The Cube from the outer space, i find the most-look-a-like All Spark. Yes it was The Cube but it came in another different look. Come and join me for the first time ever when The Cube crash landed in Malaysia. For the Celcom user with the smartphones user, this is the good time for you to prepare your phone and mind to receive non-stop and a whole new ways in mobile entertainment.
 What Are We Looking For?
If we are not the exoskeleton creature from the Cybertronian, then i think you all might like this, and now may i present to you, The Cube (without the power like All Spark) the only one for whole new ways entertainment and experience.
This is what i'm talking about. The new user friendly interface. Not just like the other, you have to touch it with your own finger to activate The All Spark Cube but in this, just roll you mouse over and then choose what you like to do. Just prepare the with the whone new way excitement. 
Register user, must  thing to do and mandatory order if your want to have the fully utilizes from The Cube. For the place which is far from your house, this is the good opportunity for to discover what have they store here. Prepare your mobile phone and let us enjoy the journey to the center of  The Cube.(try to speak in Optimus tone LoLz)
When the new things come out, you can see the update from all section in just one page summary. No need to find it in sitemap or search for it. It's a good way to know this if you are love the new, hot and latest update of what happen in mobile apps and entertainment world. Just a bite size info and it easy to digest by your brain or suppose i say for you smartphone.. Fit it in and feed it into your mobile.

Obtain a list of songs and music you want and it got three types gerne music and certainly it is a really most latest and release music for listeners tastes. Nobody wants to hear the never-ending "Ring Ring" while waiting for you to answer THEIR call. Your friends will thank you for entertaining with your choice of prototypes Call Me Tones. with the top ten music for your mobile phone.
Probably not what you are looking for? Fill your free time trying toplay the latest gaming applications. For fans of the console video games, maybe it was time to try the different view type of game which it's really familiar with other games console. They just compress it into the mobile size screen,  and put into your mobile and play it whenever or wherever your want. 
Sound like fun or seem to be fun? These funky screen Savers literally save your phone from becoming a boring black screen when it goes into standby mode. Setup the screensaver timer at your mobile phone for the longest time and wink wink... your plain bored screen becoming the picture of the thousand word. Love it? then download it.

Facebook | Twitter | Love | Social SMS | Fren Club | Universal | Frenzer | GMooz | Speesh | Frenspot |
Write on walls, poke existing friends and make new ones all from your mobile phone. You don’t need a smartphone when you have Facebook via SMS at RM1 weekly for unlimited usage. Facebook has never been more accessible and affordable! This is great if your phone is out of WiFi coverage! Save the prepaid when you got unlimited access with a RM1 cost. Why you need smartphone when using Facebook if you can get all this with Xpax? find it HERE. Always have the solutions if you got the problem.

My favourite FEATURE in The Cube? I can get the latest music update when i check it out from The Cube and i love to listen with a new and a good songs to feed my soul. Music best describe me! What more do you need if there can be everything you want here. Entertainment hub at your fingertip. I bet, if you can't get the All Spark Cube from Cybertronian, then you can have this CUBE. Made in Malaysia and full of contest from all places. Sit back and relax, let The CUBE do all the work.

FootNote ~ For now, you can head over to THE CUBE and dig on this with of heavy fuzz and buzz.
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The corporation is the “master”, the employee is the “servant”. Because the corporation owns the means of production without which the employee could not make a living, the employee needs the corporation more than vice versa.

FootNote ~ Type less and read more
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