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10 July 2011

Disable Touch Pad of your Laptop; Avoid Erratic Cursor Movement When Typing

Some notebook users find the touch pad annoying because at times, while typing fast, their thumbs accidentally brush up against the touchpad. This is frustrating because the mouse cursor jumps to a random location on the screen and can cause undesirable things.

To turn off the touchpad when an external mouse or other pointing device is present, you can goto the Control Panel and double click the Mouse properties icon.

Click the Device Select tab and check "Disable Touch Pad when USB Pointing Device is present." The cursor will no longer move via the touchpad.

HP Sony Dell Touchpad
Alternatively, you can permanently disable the touchpad of your laptop by clicking the "Disable Device" in the Touch Pad setting. Advanced users can disable the touchpad from the BIOS setup [press F2 when the computer is booting to enter BIOS settings]

Unfortunately, there are no keyboard shortcuts to enable/disable Touchpad movement or tapping. You can however drag the Mouse icon from the control panel to your Quick launch bar for quick access.

If that sounds too much effort, you may consider adjusting the sensitivity of the touchpad. This can be accessed from the Touch Pad tab of our mouse properties. Choose a low setting.

Turn Off Touch Pad
I have tested this on a Dell Inspiron notebook that ship with the Alps TouchPad Driver but should work perfect with your Sony Vaio or HP laptops that come with Synaptics TouchPad software.
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Best Clubs to Pickup Girls in Kuala Lumpur


Today for the players, seducers and average joes, check out this info when your hunting for chicks
1) Zouk
So far the best Club filled with college gals, hot womans, cool chicks with mostly chinese ahmoi crowd and other races too, always packed and can be considered the famous club in Kl. Lot of colleges always have show or get to gather session in Zuok, so watch out hot college chicks anytime from all different races.
Zuok also has many famous deejays and host cool occasion so always check out the updates .So when you’re going always be in style and have a cool look, coz first impression counts and try to have a flare and alway have a clean look or if you have beard or facial hair, trim it clean and make sure it suits you. Also look out for milfs and middle age ladies that are looking for fun….hehe
2) Beach Club
One of the must go club if you ever step foot in Kuala Lumpur,’s right in middle of the city on popular tourist area..very close to Petronas Twin tallest building..
Open 7 days a week with non stop crowd and fun…best to go during weekdays ..Sunday-Thursday…..weekend is impossible to move around……mixture of all ethnic and nationalities..locals,tourist,expat,’working girls’. Lot of prostitutes and Gro’s available mostly Philippines, Indonesian, Thai, russian and arab girls even dutch woman. Price for the girls is normally from 200-500 depending on which country where they come from.
Come as you are..
Dress as you wish but avoid looking like slob..if you want to get some attention around..
3) Clubs in Asian Heritage Row
What is Asian heritage Row ?
Star Asian Heritage Row was developed to preserve a piece of the city’s history and is made up of a row of quaint 80-year-old, pre-war houses that have been given a new lease on life. Located in the heart of the city, it has gone on to become one of the trendiest strips in KL,hosting charming restaurants and cafés, as well as trendy bars and clubs. You can check the location in the post (Club listings)
For Indian And Punjabi chicks, go to Rupee Room, It hot and happening during ladies nite and also on Saturdays, lotsa hot punjabi college girls with hot assets are there, so make ur moves like doin the bhangra regardless of what race you are, just put your hand up n move, and be confidence and be in style. When your making your moves, just watch out for protective boyren’s or guys that are always looking for a fight, and select your target wisely. Also nearby there a indian club called Chakravarthy i tink……..its packed with machas on sat and normally on the weekdays you can chill with not much crowd, they have live bands and stuff.
To find Malay Chicks in Heritage Row, go to The loft, Atrium or Bed, lotsa hot awek, teenage girls who are easy to attract always hangout there, just make a grand entrance like your a superstar, and have sum bling on u, and when the nite ends, i bet you will going home with the girl of your target. Just be yourself.

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Where to Find Arab Girls in Malaysia

Arabs girls are hot, sexy and everybody wants a piece of them so let me tel you how to get them and of course you don’t have to be a superstar to get them regardless of your race…just be yourselfla ……

Hunting Ground
1)Bukit Bintang……all over the street , there is a restaurant …near bukit bintang mall that serves shisha and has many arab people lepakin(Spending their time) there. Check out the bukit bintang walk and the mall, also the new Pavillion, its full of them.
2) Klcc… The famous petronas twin tower …the mall of course has so many of them walking and shopping, look out for milfs, hot arab college girls, single arab woman and married one……so many of them ,, there,…just be on the lookout….for eye contact.

3) Beach club…..The famous club with mostly prostitutes… prostitutes also hangout there…the damage is 300 bucks… and also if lucky u can get one for free depending on your player’s move.
4) College’s like apiitmonash, sunway and taylors are becoming a base for hot arabian college girls, just ask your buddies in those college’s for contact.
5)Monorail Train- Try to use the monorail..often,, coz lotsa mat salleh’s and arab tourist always use the monorail service.

6) MPH Bookstore…..If you’re going shopping , dont forget to check mph bookstore, a heaven for getting chicks from all races….

At last always use protection whenever you doing your thang…….Be Safe…..And Enjoy Hunting…..
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