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16 June 2011

What Do Women Think Is The Ideal “Type of men”?

Present A survey on The ideal Type of Men by 100 girls

I asked 100 girls a survey of questions to find out what really is attractive to them. I wanted personal stories from their past about body types and the level of attraction that was accelerated by their physique.
I was very overwhelmed with their answers and I’m happy to share them with all the guys out there that spend hours in the gym trying to impress girls. Where their only motivation in this fitness lifestyle is women, sex and vanity. Don’t get me wrong I like to look good naked too haha. But getting a chance to speak to women on how they look at a guys body type was intriguing
How much is too much? Which body parts matter most? I took a poll of all the attractive, fit women
Butt - was chosen in the male body part
-Favorite Male Celebrity Physique
Brad Pitt
-Favorite look for men
metrosexual look for men like David Beckham ….lo
Attraction is different for men than it is for females. While men are attracted mostly by physical traits, women are attracted mostly by personality traits. Females don’t decide who to feel attracted to with their logical minds. They “decide” with their emotions, and then make up reasons and rationalize it.
So be in Style Always and Remember Confidence and personality matters when comes to a Woman……haha tc n feel free to comment

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15 June 2011

Why Visit Malaysia?? Let's do the tour to Kuala Lumpur


Getting there:
It’s a snap. Just took Malaysian Airlines. A word on flights landing in KL: the government mandates that all international flights be “disinfected” prior to landing. This means that the attendants walk down the aisles and fog the entire cabin with Lysol (or something like it). I can tell you this is pointless, but it is relevant for those with allergies or asthma.
KL’s airport is brand new and absolutely beautiful. You will have to take a train from the international arrival terminal to the main terminal. Signs are multilingual, but you will have to go downstairs to passport control and baggage claim. Save your reciepts. If you buy something over 500 ringgit in KL you can enter one of the many giveaways at the airport. 
Transport into KL is a snap. You can take a cab and risk getting stuck in the grueling traffic or better yet, take the KLIA train. A one-way ticket is 37 ringgits. The trip takes about 28 minutes and you’ll get to see the countryside. The train is safe and clean, and will deposit you at the central station in KL. From there you can get a taxi to your hotel.
Malay is the official language, but just about everybody speaks a bit of everything, from English to Mandarin Chinese, Hokkien, etc. Just about all the signs are in English, so you won’t have a problem.
Absolute murder. KL is falling into the same trap as L.A. Endless sprawl and a shortage of roads. Traffic gets started at about 6am and stops at about 930am. Then it starts up again at about 330pm and can last until late at night if it’s a weekend. A lot of offices, particularly the government, close at 4pm, hence the early start. Plan your inter-city transfers in advance. If you need to go from the hotel to the train station, discuss it with the concierge or taxi driver. Many will agree to pick you up at a pre-arranged time and take you to the station.
When to go:
Avoid the monsoon season. Duh. Actually, rainfall is fairly common at all parts of the year, but lowest in February and July. It can spontaneously rain for an hour or so and then clear. Be aware that getting a taxi during a downpour is impossible, so wait it out. True, a lot of stores and restaurants were shut, but traffic was low, and the sights were not crowded. Malaysia’s Federal Territory Day is 2/1 which is also a high Hindi holiday called Thaipusam
Where to stay:
Hotel deals are plentiful. The Mandarin is a good choice, since it’s by the KLCC Suria mall and next to Petronas.The Ritz is the only “all-butler” hotel in KL. Because of it’s off street location and surrounding construction, you can paid 71USD/night. You should check out There are also plenty of budget hotels, but some of these have brothels in them. If you can afford it, go five-star.
Getting around:
Use the KLIA train to get to and from the airport, period, unless you love sweltering in traffic. Cabs are very cheap and you should be able to make short trips (2-5km) for just a few ringgit. At night some cabs will just tell you how much a fare is, rather than activate the meter. KL is like L.A. Sprawl has forced many of the sights away from a concentrated core. It’s not practical to see the city on foot. The heat and lack of a grid system are to blame.
Local phone cards will get you IDD rates that are ridiculously cheap. a 30 ringgit (7.50USD) phone card will buy you an hour of talk time to the U.S or anywhere you like to call. Plus, your tri-band cel phone will work here. Most hotels throw in free local and toll-free calls, so using a phone card makes total sense, in terms of economics.
Great infrastructure. The ATMs are plentiful and there is a MayBank ATM in the Arrivals Hall of the airport. If your ATM card uses Star, Interlink, etc, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting money out. 
Tipping is not generally necessary, but if you do tip, then don’t go more than a few ringgits. Five at the most. Cabs don’t require tips. 
At the time, the exchange rate was about 3.8 to 1USD. Everything is extremely cheap in KL. A meal for three hungry guys at a mall restaurant was only 12USD. Even at Planet Hollywood the tab was cheap. You won’t starve here.
Speaking of food…KL’s strong point is the multitude of cuisines, due to the country’s ethnic diversity. There are plenty of western restaurants here, but try the local fare. On a side note, this is a Muslim country, but you can find pork here. Just be aware of this fact if you don’t quite get what you expect.
Make a point to go to Chinatown to one of the hawker stalls. You can get clay pot rice (delicous) for about 1.50USD or less. However I also recommend trying the satay sticks. You can got thirty sticks for ten bucks.

Malaysian food is also fantastic. Chili paste is a universal condiment. There are many dishes based on the small crabs, shellfish, and various fish that are native to the penninsula. Salted ground fish are commonly put on fried rice. Noodles are also popular and you may want to try “mee goreng” which is a yellow wheat noodle dish.You really could go on and on about the cuisine, but it would take too much space. A good source for information is the Konemann “Culinaria” series. There is a “SE Asian Specialties” book that has a great section on Malaysian food.
Of course you will also have access to all of the great fruits of Asia. Rambuthans, passion fruits, pineapples, and the unholy durien. You may want to watch a durien connosieur purchase one of these. Quite entertaining to note how they shake, smell, and tap on these stinky things.
Great architecture, but much of the focus of KL is towards the future, so a sense of history is not well preserved here. Have a cab driver take you around. Depending on where you stay, getting around won’t cost you more than a couple dollars each way.
Petronas Towers:
Show up early to get in. You must show up in person to get a free pass for ten minutes of time on the skybridge. There are only 800 free passes given out per day. They start giving them out at 8am (Tower 1) and are usually out by 10am. Get there at 8am and try to go on an “off” day. You will be scanned and all bags x-rayed. No gum allowed. You get ten minutes on the bridge, so get your photos quickly.
There is a KLCC Suria development (basically a huge mall) behind Petronas which has some excellent shopping, but if you want the deals, read on. Yes, there is a Starbucks in the KLCC Suria.
KL Tower:
The best view of KL. You get up higher than the Petronas skybridge (which is only 40 stories up…yawn), and you also get a 360 degree view of the city. I highly recommend taking the audio tour.
Again, go in the morning, but the lines are not as oppressive as Petronas.
National Mosque:
Nice grounds, but if you want to go inside you’ll have to be appropriately dressed. Unless you’re Muslim you may want to skip this one.
Batu Caves (for the physically fit, only):
These are about 15km out of KL. Any taxi can take you there, but you can also take the bus or go on a guided tour. I opted for a taxi and was happy I did so since I went on 2/1, not knowing it was Thaipusam. The cost was only 25USD roundtrip. Thaipusam is a Hindi holiday and the place was jammed with worshippers. The Batu caves are 400 million years old and are home to intricate shrines and carvings in the limestone. Be warned that accessing the caves requires a 272 step ascent. The steps can be slippery in parts and are somewhat narrow. Add to this the oppressive heat and puffing Hindi women in dangerously trailing robes and you have a recipe for disaster. On the way up you will also have a chance to see the dozens of monkeys that infest the site. Many Hindi will hand-feed these guys, but I strongly advise not to do so. Disease notwithstanding, a three-foot monkey can seriously injure you if so inclined. Strong eye contact and smiling (baring teeth) are threats to monkeys. Do this to the alpha-male and you may need to be hospitalized when he’s through thrashing you. For the most part they’re harmless and tame, however. The place stinks of monkey and bird poop, but is quite awe-inspiring, and you’ll get to see one of Malaysia’s religious minority groups engaged in an interesting cultural tradition. You may see people carrying babies up in linen or men with body paint smeared on them, also ascending alongside you.
National Museum:
It was only mildly interesting. Nice collections of Malaysian artifacts and art.
The Lake Gardens:
Very nice (and huge) park inside the city with a net enclosed aviary.
You must definitely go to the Night Market on Jalan Petaling. Great hawker stalls, but also home to all the bootlegs your heart desires. Make sure you have them test the quality and don’t let it out of your sight as they bag it up b/c they can pull a switcheroo. Fake Rolexes, Louis Vuitton, etc abound. The quality all stinks. Software bootlegs abound too, but get these at Imbi Plaza. The place is crowded and navigating through them is slow. Very smoky at times (due to the satay stands) and very hot. Don’t wear your best clothes.
Jalan Bukit Bintang:
The main shopping area and best place to stay. The Ritz-Carlton and Marriott are on this street  Diverse shopping opportunities from the high-end Starhill, to the low-end Lot 10. The malls are cavernous and the crowds are reminiscient of Soylent Green. You’ll find your best deals on electronics in Lot 10 and the mall behind it (which is attached).You can get Sony digital camera here, for about 100USD less than the US. Plaza Imbi (the main computer trading center) is behind Lot 10. Great computer deals abound since Intel has fab plants in Malaysia, just like every other major electronics company.  What you’ll mostly be interested in, however, are the acres and acres of bootleg software.
Digital piracy is a serious crime, but it doesn’t stop anybody from getting a few goodies in KL. I’ll admit that I picked up “The Two Towers” and a couple of computer games. Just don’t be stupid about it. Bringing a case full of DVDs or even CD’s (the bootleg CDs are not labelled like the DVDs…they just look like CD-Rs) will get you into trouble. Be discreet and for god’s sake, throw away the bootleg labels.
Alcohol is surprisingly expensive, compared to the food. Having a Malaysian friend certainly helps, but if you’re gregarious and get to know the bartender, you can usually get a stronger drink. Most nightlife is over near Petronas at a club called “The Beach.” This place is loaded with Malaysians, but also with the requisite bloated ex-pats and their escorts and grubby backpackers. I found it to be prohibitively full of desperate males. There is a club called Nouvo across the street which is quite good on Thursday (ladies night).
There was a club called “Manchester United” (after David Beckam’s soccer team) down the street from “The Beach.” It was mainly an ex-pat hangout. After the Bali bombing nobody went there and it changed hands. It’s now called “Poison” and is an Indian club.
Otherwise nightlife is pretty blase in KL. For a Muslim country you will see a surprising number of scantilly clad hoochies, and the same brand of desperate male-oglers that seem to be the common denominator in nightlife around the world.
The seedy side of KL:
I suppose I should mention that KL has a seedy underbelly that I got to experience first-hand. Fun stuff, right? Just like in Seoul there are second-echelon hotels that have a “spa floor.” There are a lot of mainland Chinese prostitutes, Indian prostitutes, Malaysian prostitutes, and a few Russian prostitutes. The Russians cost more (about 120USD) and are kept in a separate hotel (due to the demand). The local fare is only 70USD. Again, I have to say that I did not partake and was trying to get out of that place asap. Anyway, a lot of this stuff goes on in KL. Don’t be stupid.
Unless you are going out of KL you needn’t worry about the myriad tropical diseases. KL medical facilities are excellent due to the fact that the government invests heavily in infrastructure and actively recruits western physicians.
Other practicalities:
This is a Muslim country so be sensitive to that fact. It’s not hardcore, but some people will pray 5 times/day, you may find some places don’t serve pork, etc. Malaysia is home to Malays, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, and westerners. They all manage to get along very nicely and it is a tolerant society. However, drunken boobery and misbehavior will get you into trouble. Don’t even think about doing drugs. It’s a capital offense.
A lot of Arabs (Saudis, Kuwaitis, etc) are vacationing here now, rather than the U.S. and Europe due to the poltical climate. If you see an Arab person with a small white hat on, it usually means he’s made a “hajj” or pilgrimage to Mecca. You can call him “haji” for extra points as a sign of respect. 
Bottom line:
The dollar goes a long way in KL. You can get luxury accomodations and cheap food. 5-star hotel was 71USD/night and food didn’t cost more than 15USD on top of it. Bargains and bootlegs abound, but the sights and nightlife are limited.
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How many Percents of Malaysian and Singaporean managed to reach orgasm

While last year’s Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey said four in five Malaysians werehaving sex on a weekly basis – this year’s results reveals that only 44% of Malaysians managed to achieve orgasm every time they have sex.
However, Singaporeans fare worse. Only 36% usually manage to feel the earth move, according to the survey’s latest report entitled “The Big O”.
Gender-wise, 62% of Malaysian males almost always reach climax during sex while women get a raw deal – only 25% almost always achieving orgasm.
The survey also found that 86% of Malaysians who frequently had orgasm feel sexually at ease with themselves while 60% of those who regularly came to a climax also enjoyed good psychological health.
Globally, the leaders are the Italians, Spaniards, Mexicans and South Africans who are most likely to climax every time with 66% usually managing to hit the spot.
Least likely to achieve an orgasm are the Chinese and people from Hong Kong (both 24%), followed closely by the Japanese (27%).
Reproductive and sexual health specialist, Dr Mohd Ismail Mohd Tambi, said that while orgasms are not the be all and end all of sex, regularly achieving orgasms improves emotional and overall well-being.
“If you want to have an orgasm, it is important that you surrender yourself to the good feelings you are experiencing. Relaxation is crucial.”.
Globally, eight in 10 people who frequently have orgasm felt close to their partner during sex.
The survey was conducted among 26,000 people in 26 countries of which 1,026 were Malaysians.
They were questioned on key aspects of their sex lives such as health, education, beliefs, attitudes to sex and social circumstances.
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You know when you’re living your life on purpose

 it is the type of lifestyle that follows after first finding out how to live a pleasurable or happy life. When you’re living with purpose and meaning you get a rich sense of fulfillment that goes beyond sensory satisfaction or pleasant emotions. I have found that most people have a deep understanding of this subject and how they see themselves in relation to it – as if we were made that way.
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Ridiculous act of Idioms

Yesterday the weather was blue. A little raindrop spread lightly through my house roof. From many days ago, hot weather smoldered on the cloud. It was the time to let it free. Yesterday there was raining all day. I went back home and then sleep from a lot of tried. I went to my lovely sofa....It called for me, and so on I could not resist. That was the best solution to stop this whisper. No longer had it taken, I was slept.

In night that was very cold after the rain, I was thinking. It was better if I was not alone here. By the way while I read I had many questions occurred, Google was my solution. 

Today the weather is changed to shiny and windy. I love the sun here for I feel delighted and get the energy from the sunlight. 
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Body Language Signals to Look for in a Women


This apply for any race of women, whether japanese, chinese, malay or indian, arab…so use this information wisely….
Body language is spoken not with words, but with actions. It is known as a type of non verbal form of communication. Body language is being used constantly, often unconsciously.
Studies made by social scientists showed that a person communicate only seven percent verbally and ninety three percent non verbal or through actions.
The body language that individuals use determines to a great extent the condition of one’s communication. Therefore it is important that one should be conscious of his own as well as the body language of others. Body language can be used for an objective, in the same manner that it can be used consciously.
Several body language signals can balance each other so as to create a specific meaning very clear or to support and highlight the meaning of something that one wants to communicate verbally.
1. Nodding. This act is a very simple sign of responsiveness. The girl is showing a lot of interest in your conversation. She is being very attentive to all that you are saying and is a very good sign that she likes you.
2. Touching her chin. This is a sign of fascination and attraction. She is having a great time with you.
3. Mirror image. When she is imitating the movements of your body, as well as your postures, this means that she is very much interested and attracted in you and at the very least, would want to be your friend.
4. The girl touches the glass’ edge using her fingers. This is interpreted by Psychologists as a sign of sexual attraction. This interpretation is strengthened by a huge number of women who were interviewed and claimed that they do this deliberately to call their date’s attention.
This elegant way of caressing the glass is an indication of underlying calmness, anticipating and self-control. This is to signal you to sit beside or join her.
5. Running her fingers down her hair. Grooming her hair in front of you conveys that she has so much energy and wants to do something. This is interpreted as calling the attention of the man and would like to be held or “captured”.
How she caresses her hair also conveys a message. It lets you know of her character. Slow caressing of the hair means that she is an expert on “love”; fast and tensed touching of the hair reveal shame or impatience.
6. Bats her lashes repeatedly. This is interpreted as wanting to conquer you. She is the aggressive type, wanting to initiate something very romantic. She wants to be the hunter and you be her victim!
7. Wets constantly her lips. The frequent wetting of lips is indeed a very sexual sign that even without the interpretation of experts; you will know its meaning. She wants to be kissed and most probably, wants to be taken to bed.
8. Swinging her legs. As with all body languages mentioned, this act is likewise a sexually stimulating movement. This really indicates that she likes you and even wants to go to bed with you.
And the last thing is start practising………Teach a man how to fish….and he will fish all day long…..haha
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Types of Girls in Malaysia and how to Seduce them ~ hahahaha


This is where my theory comes in. To have different ways of tackling a girl for different types of girls. Come on, each and every girl is different in their own way, but I have identified some stereotypes of girls in Malaysia, and come up with the BEST pick up method.
The ” Wet ” girl
Most commonly seen at: Clubs, discos, late night mamaks…
Pickup method: This one is rather easy. First, u need to have a really GOOD car. Forget about the family sedan. You need a Honda City VTEC or a VIOs at the very least. Preferred cars are the 2 seater Supra, Nissan Skyline, Impreza, Type R, Celica, EVO ,Caldina and other exotic cars. If u dun have the budget, go for the Hyundai Ascent RX edition or the Coupe. Make sure you have a really good car audio system….and TURBO is a MUST…u know, those type can go boom boom boom one. Make sure u know some of the big guys at the most happening clubs in town. U need to have a really wacky dress sense as well, not to mention some credit cards with a large limit. Prefer above 10k at least.
Pickup line: Hey babe..u look kinda dry. Wan get a bit wet at Beach Club tonight? ( then pretend to flash your car keys… )
The Homely-College Girl
Most commonly seen at: her house, mamaks near colleges.
Pickup method: Cannot smoke. Cannot drink. Forget it if you are over 25. These girls don’t really like guys that are too old. Don’t dress too old. Forget about appearing like corporate biggies to impress them. It’s the best if u know how to repair computers. These college babes often got a lot of stupid problems with their PC. Like…aiyoh, why my CD can’t read de? how come my PC cannot MSN one? ( when they have no internet line at all, haha )
Pickup Line: Hi…do you know which is the way to TAR college? My cousin studies there…
The Corporate Girl
Most commonly seen at: Star Bucks and other coffee chains, KLCC, LOT 10, etc
Pickup method: Please don’t waste your time if
1) You are still studying
2) You don’t have a reasonably expensive car
3) You are below 25
4) Your namecard don’t have ” CEO / Manager / Director ” on it
These are all for a good reason. Not I want to pur you cold water loh. These are the girls who are into earning lots of $$$, into climbing the corporate ladder, and career satisfaction. To properly tackle these office babes, you need to dress up in real smart office attire and not look like a salesman. A big enough family-sized sedan will go along well with your plan, plus some gold credit cards. It sort of helps a bit if you have gold rim specs as well. But dun overdo that ” gold ” thing and look like a golden Ah-Pek la…or she might also mistaken you for those borrow money Ah Long also.
Everything has to be in moderation.
While tackling these sort of girls, DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT be desperate, DO NOT call her every single day. DO NOT meet her every single day. Your time has to be punctutated with meetings, deadlines, overseas business trips, and stuff like that. And when u mention meetings to her, pls add in the word ” management “, haha. No worry. To tackle these power ladies, all you need is ” passion at the right timing ” and not over-indulgence in the luxury of time. Pamper her with roses, exotic dinners at exotic restaurants, a quick lunch at one of the most expensive Jap restaurant in town…but please remember to disappear after the lunch, dinner date. Do not answer every single call she make. I guarantee you if u do it the right way, U will get these kind of babes 90% of the time, hehe.
Pickup line: Stay close to her. Then press your own handphone, and pretend it’s ringing. Answer the damn call with the following lines,
” Ok, how it’s going? Well, I have a meeting at Los Angeles tommorow, I’m afraid I can’t make it…”
” Oh Datuk Wong, how are you? Sure sure, night golf? Sounds good ” ( then remember to nod your bloody head la, please )
Then, pretend to look for someone near her ( pretend only la ) and ask her casually,
” I’m sorry. Can I know where’s the nearest RHB bank? ” ( Ask politely, with perfect accented English. DO NOT ASK IN DIALECTS !!! )
and ask her to show u the way. After that, try to ask her where she worked ( Remember to sound casual and begin your questions with ” By The Way “…and before she can say it, interrupt her by sounding your own handphone again, and repeat the same nonsense. Before U go, exchange namecards.
Thank you and Good luck hunting………..hahaha
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Killer Funny Pickup Lines

-“I was wondering if you have a moment to spare for me to hit on you?”
-(To a woman with large breasts). “I heard that having too much sex causes a woman to grow large breasts - whoa! I guess you have a lot of sex!”
-“I’m going outside to make out - care to join me?”
-“I’m shy. Will you ask me out?”
-“The more you drink, the sexier I look. Can I buy you a drink?”
-“Excuse me - didn’t we go to different schools together?”
-“What’s a sexy woman like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?”
-“Do you work for UPS? I could have sworn I saw you checking out my package.”
-“I may not have gotten your virginity, but can I at least have the box it came in?”
-“Do you work in a bakery - cuz you sure have hot bunz!”
-“I’m new in town and can’t find my way around; could I have directions to your place?”
-“I may not be the best-looking guy in here, but I’m the only one talking to you.
-“If you kiss me I’ll give you this shiny new quarter.”
-“Hey baby, wanna go halfsies on a bastard child?”
-“Are you horny because I’m disease free?”
-“Do you work at Kentucky Fried Chicken?” (What/Why she asks?). “Cuz you look finger lick’en good.
-See my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I’m cute.”
-“So what haven’t you been told tonight?”
-“I really like your ass. Do you mind if I take it on a date?”
-“I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make your bed rock.”
-“My buddy thinks you are wearing grandma panties and I think you are wearing a thong. Show us who’s right.”
-“I can’t find my puppy, can you help me find him? I think he went into this cheap motel room.”
-“Your body’s name must be Visa, because it’s everywhere I want to be.”
-“Let’s do breakfast tomorrow. Should I call you or nudge you?”
-“Hey Baby, you be my Dairy Queen, I’ll be your Burger King, you treat me right, and I’ll do it your way.”
-“Give me three good reasons why I shouldn’t buy you a drink.”
-“Is it that cold or are you just smuggling tic-tac’s in your shirt?”
-“You are the most interesting piece of ass I’ve talked to all evening.”
-“You with those curves, and me with no brakes…”
-“Aw, girl, I’m gonna have to put you on my “To Do” List!”

Please free to comment and have a nice day HAahahahAHAhaHAha

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Picking up Older Women(Milfs) ~ Good Luck Guys hahahaha

Proudly Present The art of Picking up Older Women

I personally would recommend if anyone dates older woman……..y ? let me list down the facts
1. They are more matured and intelligent
2. They are superb in bed experience ma…and sex positions…..from 69>7 eleven >doggstyle…haha
3. They tend to listen to your problems and will be there for you always.
4. They will teach you how to handle a woman like a gentleman
5. Their tongue can do wonders,
6. No strings attached….
7. And don’t cheat any woman. Be open and tell what type of relationship you want.
Let go to more serious stuff.

The art of picking them.
Places to get them online…..i recommend is……….its full of them….so many i dated are from tagged and…..and dont try friendster…all of them are kids……..
The second place to find them is Shopping complex like midvaley, jusco and even bookshops like Mph and Kinokuniya.
The third place is mamak foodshop, its easier to talk to them if their alone……
The last place for me is Clubs, pub and disco……..the classy women normally are in Zeta bar…lots of datin…milf….
Eye Contact…..Look at her…and smile….if she smile back…..just go over and say hi if not stay away…she might be waiting for someone else……
Confindence and alway dress well…This was from an interview from a milf
“”Nice smile, beautiful smile,” a 41-year-old woman gushes about the 27-year-old muscular man across the table. “He has great hair, beautiful eyes. He’s tall. He’s confident.”
The key word is confidence….always be neat, walk up tall, and project success.
Next thing is Never ever ask a woman her age…..this is an unwritten rule
Compliments Also Work……….Say nice things but dun fake it………….
Always have your name card ready…to pass on to her………….

Tc ….and Enjoy
Do comment and have safe sex always and introduce this website to your friends….
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typing anything in my mind.

You know when you’re living your life on purpose – it is the type of lifestyle that follows after first finding out how to live a pleasurable or happy life. When you’re living with purpose and meaning you get a rich sense of fulfillment that goes beyond sensory satisfaction or pleasant emotions. I have found that most people have a deep understanding of this subject and how they see themselves in relation to it – as if we were made that was
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Greeting, is like one big classroom

         You may have heard the expression " life is like one big classroom." Everyday you learn something new. It is also likened to a learning lab. And as children of the Higher Power or God, call it what you prefer, you are also left to romp and explore in the playground of life. You are constantly experimenting at play through living, discovering who you are and who you are not.

You are left to do with your life what you take on beliefs, you become addicted to thought patterns and daily processes. Much of what you experience is positive and supports your growth and much of it leaves you contemplating on what isn't working right for you anymore. Your subconscious or soul gently urges you on from within to move past these barriers or blocks that no longer work for you.

You may dream of finding total happiness and peace. However, life isn't total bliss. There are always highs and lows and you learn from both of them. When things aren't going right, you may get angry with the Higher Power. You may feel that you are being punished and the story goes on....However, there are always guideposts that are presented to you at all times. And it is only at the times that you open your eyes wide that you will glimpse the guideposts that have been provided for you along your journey. These guideposts can be in the form of people, books, movies, songs, websites chats, etc.; yet they will only come into focus once your perceptions have changed.

Your guides or angels have stepped in to lead you but perhaps you weren't ready to follow. As a result, you may find that you have suffered pain, hurt, humiliation and much more. These lessons keep repeating themselves. You are tested until you have stopped, listened or followed and made the shifts in your life. The question remains. Why do you delay in seeking direction. It can be likened to a small child, kicking and crying in an attempt to get his own way.

When you let go of your pride, your need to control, and surrender, by asking for help, then and only then will you be guided or provided with a new path to lead you to the next step in your life. You have been provided all along with all you need...but your perceptions have been distorted..remove your blinders to the brilliance and splendor of life and how it can be for you.

Take time to quietly still yourself in your own energy. Breathing in love and light with each inhale and breathing out all your worries, fears, doubts and things you can't control on each exhale, allow yourself to enter a relaxed and peaceful state of being. Take time to reflect on the multitudes of guideposts that have been presented to you up until this very moment. Observe the signposts you followed and those you ignored. How many times did you ignore your gut feeling, only to say to yourself, " I should have, I could have, and so on..."

Take time to nurture yourself and ask lovingly for guidance and direction to move forward in your life, creating more happiness and peace from within and not from without.
When you are finished, come back gently and slowly to the physical realm and bring with it all the information you have gleaned on. Start playing and living life more consciously with your new gifts.
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Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t.

Review one of my favourite movie ever...500 Days Of Summer. Goshh... i'm really fall in love with Zooey Deschanel.. wink wink


On January 8, Tom Hansen meets Summer Finn, the new assistant to his boss. Tom trained as an architect but works as a writer at a greeting card company in Los Angeles. Following a karaoke night, Tom's friend and co-worker McKenzie reveals that Tom is attracted to Summer. During the next few months Summer and Tom grow closer, despite Summer telling Tom that she does not believe in true love, and does not want a boyfriend.
Tom shows Summer his favorite spot in the city, which overlooks a number of buildings he likes, although the view is spoiled by parking lots. After several months of dating, Tom gets into a fight with a man flirting with Summer and they have their first argument. On day 290, Summer and Tom end their relationship after they see The Graduate, a film which Tom thinks shows true love. Tom does not take the break up well, and Tom's friends call his younger sister, Rachel, to calm him down.
Summer quits the greeting card company. Tom's boss moves him to the consolations department, as his depression is not suitable for happier events. Months later, as Summer and Tom attend the wedding of a co-worker, they dance at the wedding and Summer catches the bouquet. They sit next to each other on the trip home and Summer invites Tom to a party at her apartment. He attends the party but leaves when he sees that Summer is wearing an engagement ring. Tom enters a deep depression, only leaving his apartment for alcohol and junk food. After a few days, he returns to work with a hangover and after an emotional outburst, quits his job. He decides to rededicate himself to architecture, makes a list of firms, and begins to attend interviews.
On day 488, Summer sees Tom at his favorite spot in the city and they talk. Tom states his lack of understanding towards her actions. Summer explains that he was right about the existence of true love, and that she discovered in someone else all the feelings she had never felt with Tom. Summer holds Tom's hand. She says she is glad to see Tom is doing well. As she leaves Tom tells her he really hopes she is happy.
Twelve days later, on Wednesday, May 23, he attends a job interview and meets a girl who is also applying for the same job. They talk, and Tom learns she shares his favorite spot and dislike for the parking lots. Before entering the interview, he makes a date to have coffee with her afterwards. He asks her name, and she replies "Autumn".

FootNote ~ Did you notice? Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel are look alike? wink wink wink
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