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18 September 2011

Nelly and Suara Kami: 50% of the crowd can't even speak ENGLISH?

So what can you expect from the Grammy-winning rapper? Just hang around at Twitter last night with Miss Dolce(Until she sleep...ZzzZZZzz) then my eyes see something ho ho hot in here yaw. hahah  It's  Nelly_Mo tweet about Suara Kami concert. In my opinion as a wise guy came to earth and meet the Earthling, hahaha...he says something he should not to say(Especially for rakyat Malaysia yang mudah cencitip). Keep on reading yaw if you want to know what he tweet about Malaysia. (Semangat patriotik selepas menyambut Hari Malaysia gitu.. mau tak cencitip hahaha)

Dear Earthling, It just depends on the person, to be honest with you. Some people are more forgiving than others. Just like some people are politer than others, meaner than others, ruder than others, happier than others....And of course it depends on what mistake and how many times they are going to make the same damn one. It's wrong and no matter what happen, we should forgive for the mistakes he made. (Hand Made kot)
We all make mistakes, but sometimes things don't change when you DO forgive. Sometimes the mistake is so bad that, even if you can forgive, it won't change anything. It won't make you feel great on the inside. Some people worry that being understanding or compassionate towards difficult people means you allow them to walk all over you. It doesn't. It merely means you view their behavior from a clearer, bigger perspective. When you ask yourself either of the compassion questions, it helps you to better comprehend the situation at hand. From a clear mind and an open heart, it is much easier to see the appropriate actions to take with a troubled person. 

Ultimately, we are all very much alike. We've all experienced being in a nasty mood, and most of us have even treated other people like dirt on occasion.When we forgive, we create happiness and health for ourselves and we open the doors for fresh air and light. Such a mean word to say but for me,  Nelly just  apologies for the word he said , which makes Malaysia people hurt. When someone apologies, we as a human must forgive him, right? Sometimes people speak or tweet lalalala without thinking. Very much alike. hahahah

FootNote ~ I personally believe no thing is a mistake. It goes along with the philosophy that "everything happens for a reason".
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Mood Of the Day : Pumped Up Kicks!!!

Howdy guys, boys and girl. This is my mood of the day i guess. Driving my car and listening to the radio and gosh... this song describe me well for the mood for today. Anything to say? nop just listen and enjoy yeahhhh

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks. You better run, better run, outrun my gun. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run, faster than my bullet. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks. You better run, better run, outrun my gun. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks. You better run, better run, faster than my bullet. Daddy works a long day LAlalAlalAlAL

FootNote ~ Gotta Blast !(I only quote big historical figures as you can see) hahahha
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Kalau aku ada Mesin Masa : Back To The Future yaw

Thinking and keep thinking about anything across my mind nyum nyum nyumm hahaha. Hard to write about something when you don't have an idea, inspirations or anything to write about, so i think just let the fingers do the work and put my brain outside of the box hahahahha
  For me, i really don't know which one shall i choose. I have make many mistakes in the past, but , if i am allowed to travel back in time, will i be able to change the mistakes i have done or will i not make the same mistakes again? ( We all know bad habits are very difficult to be diminish sometimes) And what are the consequences if i do correct my mistakes, will it make me a better person? will i live a better life?
Well, about the future, I think i don't really want to know about my future by sneaking a preview ; sometimes things are much better with surprises, but, if i am able to know which stock will help me to make more profit or what investment is the best or what disaster that i will face, maybe i will be able to avoid it and live a better life? So, you see, it is very difficult for me to make choice. haa..Miss Dolce told me, i should have Doraemon(blue cat robot) to help me. hahah but i still need the time machine to bring doraemon here.

So, what do you think, you want to go back to the past or to go to the future?
Looking to the Past for the Future

random fact about myself #1:
i want to travel back in time.

FootNote ~ I am too busy to think right know, why don't you come back yesterday and we'll have a chat. LOL /ok tak?
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