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04 September 2011

Sorry aku terpaksa Boot


Baru je lepas raya, baru je mohon ampun maaf semua tapi semua tu jadi tak guna la kan? Sori aku terpaksa boot sebab takkan aku nak duk diam je kalau aku dimalukan dalam room. Elok ke mengaibkan orang? Tak elok kan.. sebab tu aku tak cakap banyak dari pada duk kena aib nak malukan aku, terpaksa la aku buat benda gini walaupun dah lama tak wat benda camni.
Hari ahad yang membosankan sampai tak tahu nak buat ape dah. Tengok tv, online, tido dan berulang-ulang sambil menunggu utorrent aku siap download Clone Wars yang berkapasiti 6gb. Tetapi disebabkan kondisi cuaca di JB ni kurang memuaskan terpaksa la aku bukak tutup router aku bagi mengelakkan disambar petir. Maksudnya kalau hujan lebat memang aku terpaksa la offline dan off router aku. Sepatutnya kalau download guna streamyx ni tak sampai seminggu pon dah siap abis download 10gb tapi sebab cuaca tak menentu, tu yang jadi lama nak download.

huaaaa bosan hari cuti ni kalau tak kemana-mana

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New HIV case causes LA porn industry shutdown


LOS ANGELES (AP) — An adult film performer has tested positive for HIV, causing porn producers to shut down shoots in Southern California as the diagnosis is confirmed through re-testing, according to an industry group.
Free Speech Coalition executive director Diane Duke told The Los Angeles Times ( on Monday that her group became aware of the HIV case Saturday.
A series of tests were being conducted on the performer to confirm the case before anyone the performer might have spread the illness to will be notified to get tested, Duke told The Associated Press.
She didn't know how long that would take.
Duke declined to release the performer's name, age or gender, citing the person's federal right to medical privacy. She also declined to say how her group learned of the case.
The case was found in an out-of-state clinic that doesn't report to California health officials, said Duke.
If the initial case is confirmed, the group will ask two generations of the person's sexual partners to get tested, meaning those who had sex with the performer and the sexual partners of those who had sex with the performer.
The voluntary industry shutdown affects porn producers in the San Fernando Valley, the heart of the multi-billion dollar American porn industry, and includes Hustler and Evil Angel's productions.
The porn industry was shut down similarly in late 2010, after porn actor Derrick Burts was diagnosed HIV positive.
Burts has since gone on to advocate for the mandatory use of condoms in porn with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
The health advocacy group and state workplace safety officials say state law mandates porn performers to use condoms to protect themselves under the same set of rules that require nurses to wear gloves in hospitals when dealing with bodily fluids.
Cal/OSHA is working to clarify the regulation to make it more specific to porn.
Earlier this month, the health advocacy group announced that it will gather 41,138 petition signatures to get the issue of condoms in porn on the June 2012 ballot.
The ballot measure would ask Los Angeles residents whether porn producers must require performers to use condoms on shoots as a condition of getting a filming permit.
"The question remains how many performers must become infected with HIV and other serous STDs before the industry will clean up its act and government will do the right thing?" said Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
The group has unsuccessfully pushed California and Los Angeles County officials to tighten enforcement of condom use on porn sets through legislative attempts, lawsuits and regulatory complaints.

FootNote ~ How do you like that? hahahah
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New iPhone iteration lost in a bar

A customer looks at a white and a black iPhone 4 at the Apple store in Palo Alto, California

Technology news website CNET on Wednesday reported that a new version of Apple's coveted iPhone went astray in a bar in a replay of an embarrassing loss that took place last year.
An Apple employee lost a yet-to-be released iPhone model in a tequila bar in the San Francisco Mission District in July, according to CNET.
Apple electronically tracked the device to a San Francisco home but the resident denied knowing anything about the missing iPhone, which may have been sold for a couple of hundred dollars at online auction house eBay, CNET said.
The report prompted speculation whether the missing iPhone was a next-generation expected to be unveiled by Apple in September or October.
Word of another unreleased iPhone model disappearing in a bar came just weeks after prosecutors decided not to pursue criminal charges against Gizmodo technology bloggers who got hold of a lost iPhone 4 prototype last year.
Criminal charges were filed against a man who purportedly found the iPhone 4 prototype in a bar and another who brokered a deal to sell it to Gizmodo, according to the district attorney's office in San Mateo County, California.
Early last year, Gizmodo published pictures and details of the iPhone prototype after buying it for $5,000 from a man who claimed to have found it in a beer garden where it was lost by an Apple software engineer.
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