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26 October 2011

::Gussy it up a bit!::Pimp Your Blog::


First things first:
UNPIMP YOUR BLOG! That’s right. Like a pimply-faced teen with no money who puts plastic wheel covers and fuzzy dice in his grandmother’s Civic hoping to impress the hot rod babes, beginning bloggers tend to put a lot of cra… er, “stuff” on their blogs. Counters. Chat rooms. Off-site forums. Badges for every web service and social network imaginable.  LOL-Cats. Glitter art.

Most of this stuff isn’t making your blog any quicker, easier to use, or (let’s be honest) more attractive. It’s just cluttering it up and making it harder to find the good content your readers came to read. Be vicious in decluttering your blog — if a particular element adds no useful function for your readers, either a) lose it, b) move it to your “About” page (if it says something meaningful about you), or c) move it to a private page that only you have access to.

Install a new theme: While you don’t want to get into the habit of changing your site’s layout all the time, now that you’ve been driving it for a couple of months it’s a good time to ask whether your theme is everything it could be. Most popular blogging platforms offer hundreds, if not thousands of free themes — Google the name of your blogging platform and the phrase “free themes” and check out the first few search results. Put some thought into the mood you want your site to convey — is it serious and professional, fun and whimsical, tech-savvy, homey, country, urban? There’s bound to be several themes for any mood you can dream up.
Revise your “About” page: New bloggers tend to give short shrift to their “About” page. If your writing is at all good, people will want to know about the person behind the voice. Flesh out your bio with information about your background, experience, and reasons for blogging. This is also the place to put all those links to your profile on various social networks that you stripped from the front page while un-pimping.

Create an “Archive” page: Most blogging software will automatically post links to monthly (or even weekly) archive pages into the sidebar of your blog. While this can look pretty neat when you’re just getting started, after a while that list starts getting pretty long — and it’s debatable whether it’s useful to let your readers browse by date, anyway. Before the list gets too unruly, move it to its own page (put a link to “Archives” in its place on the front page). Better yet, create a page with links to your archives by category or tag as well as by date.
Add or update your logo: Most blogging programs create a nicely formatted header with your blog’s title and maybe a tagline, which is good, but if you’re in it for the long haul, you’re going to want a stronger brand image than just a title. Create — or have a graphics-savvy friend or even a professional create for you — a cool logo that says something interesting about you and your blog. This can be as simple as the title or its initials in a cool font that expresses the tone of your site, or an actual graphic (think: Nike’s “Swoosh”) that sums up the way you want your readers to feel.

FootNote ~ The ones who write well, show they’re serious, and have some staying power 
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::Tutorial::Profile Tak Keluar Di Follower::

Kat sini aku nak buat tutorial ringkas. Jarang aku buat tutorial ni kan, ok kat sini aku sediakan cara-cara kalau profile kita tak keluar sewaktu nak follow blog orang. Macam kalau kita tengok kat sini, bila kita klik butang Sertai Tapak, gambar dan profile kita tak akan keluar. betol?Untuk mengatasi masalah ni, ikutilah langah-langkah ni dengan berhemah.
Mula-mula tengok pada bahagian Follower tu, klik Sertai Tapak Ini. Sebenarnya aku dah masuk benda ni tapi selalu sengat kalau profile kita takkan keluar dimana benda ni dia selalu keluar automatik kan?

Lepas kita klik Sertai Tapak Ini, akan keluar satu pop-up windows seperti yang tertera gamba di atas. Untuk contoh ni aku mengunnakan blog yang sedia ada. Secara default, aku menggunkan akaun Google. Untuk sebarang kebarangkalian, aku andaikan kita semua register Google kan. Klik pada log masuk pilihan Google.

Masukkan email dan password korang seperti biasa. Ni aku tak payah nak bagitahu kan. Id yang korang guna untuk blogger tu, id tu jugak yg korang pakai untuk log masuk kat sini.

Selepas dah selesai suma password dan id, dia akan tutup pop-up windows tu. Kalau yang ok, dia akan keluar gambar, id kita dan option. Tapi kalau yang bermasalah selalunya dia akan keluar gambar kosong. Yang ni pon aku selalu terjadi dimana aku dah follow blog orang tapi tak keluar profile macam kat atas. Kalau jadi macam tu, klik pada OPSYEN

Dibawah OPSYEN tu gak, pilih TETAPAN TAPAK
Perlu di ingat, kalau profile kita bermasalah, ia tidak akan keluar seperti di atas, nanti dia keluar gamba kosong berserta nama lain walaupun sepatutnya dia akan keluar page kita. Apa yang perlu korang buat? pilih Kini menggunakan profile Blogger anda TUKAR. Klik pada perkataan TUKAR.

Bila korang dah klik TUKAR, akan keluar pop-up untuk kita tukar profile kita. Kat sini korang pilih la Blogger dan masukkan password dan id korang yang selalu korang masuk.

Lepas dah masukkan (step yang sama korang dah buat seperti sebelum ni) semua tu, pop-up to akan tutup sendiri dan akan keluar page profile korang yang sebenar. Kemudian pilih SELESAI.

Tu antara salah satu sebab yang aku perasan bilaaku blog follow orang, tak keluar id. So korang leh cuba dulu. Kalau ada masalah, boleh hubungi aku pada tab ASK ME! kat situ ada online chat dan kalau aku offline, tinggalkan soklan kat situ. heheh
terima kasih

FootNote ~ Takde bakat nak buat tutorial
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::Wordless Wednesday::#3


FootNote ~ Worth To Try!
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::Wordless Wednesday::#2


FootNote ~ Ikat perut semata-mata untuk menatang neh
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::Wordless Wednesday::#1


FootNote ~ To all you people that cry about SPAM: Is it that hard to delete? 
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