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15 June 2011

Types of Girls in Malaysia and how to Seduce them ~ hahahaha

This is where my theory comes in. To have different ways of tackling a girl for different types of girls. Come on, each and every girl is different in their own way, but I have identified some stereotypes of girls in Malaysia, and come up with the BEST pick up method.
The ” Wet ” girl
Most commonly seen at: Clubs, discos, late night mamaks…
Pickup method: This one is rather easy. First, u need to have a really GOOD car. Forget about the family sedan. You need a Honda City VTEC or a VIOs at the very least. Preferred cars are the 2 seater Supra, Nissan Skyline, Impreza, Type R, Celica, EVO ,Caldina and other exotic cars. If u dun have the budget, go for the Hyundai Ascent RX edition or the Coupe. Make sure you have a really good car audio system….and TURBO is a MUST…u know, those type can go boom boom boom one. Make sure u know some of the big guys at the most happening clubs in town. U need to have a really wacky dress sense as well, not to mention some credit cards with a large limit. Prefer above 10k at least.
Pickup line: Hey babe..u look kinda dry. Wan get a bit wet at Beach Club tonight? ( then pretend to flash your car keys… )
The Homely-College Girl
Most commonly seen at: her house, mamaks near colleges.
Pickup method: Cannot smoke. Cannot drink. Forget it if you are over 25. These girls don’t really like guys that are too old. Don’t dress too old. Forget about appearing like corporate biggies to impress them. It’s the best if u know how to repair computers. These college babes often got a lot of stupid problems with their PC. Like…aiyoh, why my CD can’t read de? how come my PC cannot MSN one? ( when they have no internet line at all, haha )
Pickup Line: Hi…do you know which is the way to TAR college? My cousin studies there…
The Corporate Girl
Most commonly seen at: Star Bucks and other coffee chains, KLCC, LOT 10, etc
Pickup method: Please don’t waste your time if
1) You are still studying
2) You don’t have a reasonably expensive car
3) You are below 25
4) Your namecard don’t have ” CEO / Manager / Director ” on it
These are all for a good reason. Not I want to pur you cold water loh. These are the girls who are into earning lots of $$$, into climbing the corporate ladder, and career satisfaction. To properly tackle these office babes, you need to dress up in real smart office attire and not look like a salesman. A big enough family-sized sedan will go along well with your plan, plus some gold credit cards. It sort of helps a bit if you have gold rim specs as well. But dun overdo that ” gold ” thing and look like a golden Ah-Pek la…or she might also mistaken you for those borrow money Ah Long also.
Everything has to be in moderation.
While tackling these sort of girls, DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT be desperate, DO NOT call her every single day. DO NOT meet her every single day. Your time has to be punctutated with meetings, deadlines, overseas business trips, and stuff like that. And when u mention meetings to her, pls add in the word ” management “, haha. No worry. To tackle these power ladies, all you need is ” passion at the right timing ” and not over-indulgence in the luxury of time. Pamper her with roses, exotic dinners at exotic restaurants, a quick lunch at one of the most expensive Jap restaurant in town…but please remember to disappear after the lunch, dinner date. Do not answer every single call she make. I guarantee you if u do it the right way, U will get these kind of babes 90% of the time, hehe.
Pickup line: Stay close to her. Then press your own handphone, and pretend it’s ringing. Answer the damn call with the following lines,
” Ok, how it’s going? Well, I have a meeting at Los Angeles tommorow, I’m afraid I can’t make it…”
” Oh Datuk Wong, how are you? Sure sure, night golf? Sounds good ” ( then remember to nod your bloody head la, please )
Then, pretend to look for someone near her ( pretend only la ) and ask her casually,
” I’m sorry. Can I know where’s the nearest RHB bank? ” ( Ask politely, with perfect accented English. DO NOT ASK IN DIALECTS !!! )
and ask her to show u the way. After that, try to ask her where she worked ( Remember to sound casual and begin your questions with ” By The Way “…and before she can say it, interrupt her by sounding your own handphone again, and repeat the same nonsense. Before U go, exchange namecards.
Thank you and Good luck hunting………..hahaha


Anonymous said...

Nice tips ya

UncLe_AdLiE said...

just a tips heheheh

Miss Dolce and Gabbana said...

haha..gelak memanjang bila baca..

AcidFlynN Wraith said...

gelak ada makna tuuu hahahhaha

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