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26 August 2011

Glossary of BLOGging Part 1

Apakah Glosari? atau bahasa omputehnye Glossasry.
Sebutan ~ /ˈgläsərē/  /ˈglô-/
glossaries, plural

Glosari bermaksud senarai abjad terma atau perkataan-perkataan yang ditemui di dalam atau berkaitan dengan subjek tertentu, teks, atau dialek,dengan penjelasan; kamus ringkas, atau  satu senarai istilah dalam bidang ilmu tertentu berserta dengan takrifannya secara ringkas. Biasanya, glosari diletakkan pada akhir sebuah buku yang mengandungi istilah-istilah yang digunakan dalam buku tersebut. Istilah-istilah tersebut sama ada masih baru ataupun tidak lazim penggunaannya. Melalui artikel ni, aku akan cuba mengupas terma yang selalu digunakan oleh blogger dan akan disusun sebagai ringkasan glosari blog. Bahasa yang digunakan kat sini adalah bahasa yang mudah difahami oleh newbie blogger macam aku untuk lebih paham asas dalam blogging tu sendiri. Kesemua terma ni bukan dibuat oleh aku tapi sekadar koleksi yang dicari  dan juga terma yang aku gunakan dalam ni bukanlah di amik terus dari kamus dewan bahasa tapi di amik dari pendekatan individu dimana amat mudah untuk kita fahami. okey?? heheh

tak larat aku nak translate semua ni ke bahasa melayu sebab banyak orang yang guna glosari ni pon sebut atau taip dalam bahasa inggeris. Oleh itu, kalau tak paham, check kamus yek.. hehehe

Weblog- An online dated diary listing your periodic thoughts on a specific topic, often in reverse chronological order.
Blog – short form for weblog
Blogging - the act of posting on blogs
Blogger - a person who blogs
Blogosphere - The internet blogging community

Photoblogging - a blog predominantly using and focusing on photographs and images. Photoblogs are created by photobloggers
Podcasting - a method of distributing multimedia files (audio / videos) online using feeds for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. Podcasts are created by podcasters.
Autocasting - is an automated form of podcasting
Blogcasting - the blog and the podcast merged into a single website.
Vlogging - Also called video blogging. Shortened to vlog. Posted by vlogger. A variant on the blogging using video instead of text.
Audioblogging - Also called audioblog, MP3 blog or musicblogs. a variant on the blogging using audio instead of text. Created by audioblogger.
Moblogging - Also called moblogs. A blog posted and maintained via mobile phone. Moblogs are created by mobloggers.

Index page – the front page fo the blog
Header - the topmost part of the blog usually listing the blog title.
Footer - the most bottom part of the blog usually listing navigation and copyright statements
Sidebar - One or more columns along one or both sides of most blogs main page
Categories - A collection of topic specific posts
Post, Entry- individual articles that make up a blog
Comments - enabling readers to leave their remarks
Captcha - short for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. Those word and letter verification images you need to type in to show you are human and not a bot. Helful to block automated spam comments. more
Ping – Short for Packet Internet Grouper. Blog and ping helps to notify other blog tracking tools for updates, changes and trackbacks.
Trackback - A system by which a ping is sent to another blog to notify that their article has been mentioned by you
Pingback - See trackback.
Permalink - A link to a specific article
Tags - labelling / attaching keywords to collect similar posts
Tag cloud – Displaying tags lists or keywords in a blog.
Blogroll - list of links to other blogs in your sidebar. Also see
Sideblog - A smaller blog usually placed in the sidebar of a blog.
Template - the blog presentation design
BlogThis - a function allows a blogger to blog the entry they a reading
Plugins - Small files that add improved functionality and new features. WordPress plugins can greatly improve your blog usage and interactivity
Dashboard - When you login to your blogging account, it is the first screen with all controls, tools and functions.
Archives – a collection of all your posts on one page. Can be categorized by month etc.
Expandable post summaries – show a small teaser part of the post on the index page that link to the full post. more
Jump – the continuation of a the story on another page to preserve space on index page.
FTP - short for file transfer protocol. Transferring file to and fro from your web host using FTP tools like Filezilla

Web Feed – allows online users to subscribe to websites that change or add content regularly.
RSS - a family of web feed formats used for Web syndication. Short form for Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0), Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0), RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0). WordPress generates RSS 2.0
XML - short for eXtensible Markup Language. a general-purpose markup language for syndication formats used on blogs.
RDF - short for Resource Description Framework. A web content syndication format.
Atom - another specific web feed format. Blogger feeds are usually of this type.
OPML – short for Outline Processor Markup Language. It is an XML format for outlines. Easily import and export multiple blog subscriptions between different rss aggregators.
Photofeed- a web feed with image enclosures.

Blogger - a free blogging platform by Google.
Blogspot - free Blogger hosting blog at
LiveJournal - free blogging tool by SixApart
Movable Type – paid blogging tool by SixApart
Typepad - paid blogging tool by SixApart Free. Easy to Upload, customize and upgrade. – A WordPress blog hosted free for you.
Radio Userland – another blog publishing software package

Group blog- with multiple contributing bloggers.
Event blog – focussed on an event
Kittyblogger – writing about cats.
Celeblog – focused on a celebrity.
Celebriblog – maintained by a celebrity.
Clog Blog – written in Dutch and/or in Holland.
CEOBlog – run by a chief executive officer.
Plog - a project blog. Also for personalised weblogs
Movlogs - mobile video blogs.
Splog- a spam blog
Tech blog – focused on a technical subject.
Anonoblog – by an anonymous blogger
Linguablog - about linguistics, translation etc.
Metablog – a blog about blogging.
Milblog - a military blog.
Blawg – blogged by lawyer / related to legal stuff
Edu-blog – education oriented blog.
Progblog - A progressive blog.
Shocklog - provokes discussion by posting shocking content
Klog - used by company knowledge workers. by Kloggers
Blogsite - A web site that combines blog feeds from a number of different sources
Dark Blog- A non-public blog
Photocast- a photoblog that automatically updates when new photos are added.

Metablogging - writing articles about blogging
Blogstipation - writer’s block for bloggers. Cant think of what to blog about?
Blogathy - I do not want to post today and I do not care about it
Blogopotamus - A long long blog post
Blogorrhea - unusually high output of articles
Bleg - To use one’s blog to beg for assistance etc.
Hitnosis - Refreshing your browser repeatedly to see if your hit counter or comments have increased
GAD - Google Adsense Disorder. Repeatedly checking your adsense earnings. more
Blego - Blog+Ego. Measuring blogger worth
Blog hopping – jumping from one blog to another
Blogroach - A commenter who rudely disagrees with posted content
Blogoholic - addicted to blogging
Blogorific = blogtastic – something which a blogger says is terrific
Blogsit - maintaining a blog while the primary blogger is on leave
Blogvertising - Also called blogvert. Advertising on a blog.
Blurker - a blog reader not posting comments, just lurking around quietly.
Blogathon - update your website every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. Maybe collect sponsorships. more
Blogiversary - your blog birthday
Blog Carnival – Links to other articles covering a specific topic.
Multiblog - running multiple blogs
Blog Tipping – Compliment 3 blogs on day 1 of every month. more
Blogger bash - a blogger party
Commenter - someone who leaves remarks / comments
Reciprocal Links - called link love. You link to my blog, I link to yours. To improve search engine rankings.
Linkbaiting - a habit of writing good content with the sole purpose of getting it linked from multiple sites.
Blogstorm – a large amount of blogosphere activity due to particular controversy. Also called Blog Swarm.
Blogsnob – refusing to respond to blog comments from “not-friends”.
Doppelblogger – plagiarize the content of another blogger. To Doppelblog.
Blogophobia – Fear of blogs and blogging.
Bloggerel – the same opinion posted repeatedly on a blog

Problogger - professional blogger
Blognoscenti - especially knowledgable bloggers
Blogebrity - a famous blogger.
Blogerati - the blogosphere intelligentsia.
Commentariat - The community of those leaving comments.
Dooced - lost a job because of blog entries. To Dooce.
Blogther - a fellow blogger.
A-List- the top bloggers who influence the blogosphere.
Blogstar- blogger running a popular blog

FootNote ~ Bloggingly Yours ...Part 1, dah jumpa ke maksud yang korang tak paham ke atau dah jumpa korang ni blogger kategori ape? miaaahahahahahaha bersambung lak nanti yek


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