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18 October 2011

::5 Signs That Tell She's Horny::BEWARE!!!::

Sometimes the signs that tell a girl is horny are subtle, sometimes, they're overt. Either way, it's a good idea to know what they are and how to spot them. Knowing when a girl is horny can help put the odds in your favor when picking up girls for the first time, or taking it to the next level with girls you already know. Here are five signs that tell she's horny.
1. Eye Fucking
If a girl is looking at you in a lustful way, she's eye fucking you. When a girl eye fucks you, it tells that she is into you and wants you to talk to her. If she seems embarrassed when she sees that you noticed, she might be a little shy, but probably still interested in you. So the next time you get eye fucked by an attractive stranger, don't hesitate to flirt with her and see where things go.

2. Physical Indicators
Two common physical indicators that tell a girl is horny is a slightly wet crotch and erect nipples, but these aren't always possible to identify without coming off as creepy and getting slapped. So instead, keep an eye open for a quickened heart rate and breathing rate. Think of how male movie stars are referred to as heart throbs because they make the hearts of their female fans flutter. The good news is you don't have to be a movie star to get the same reaction from girls, so look out for it.

3. Touchy Freely
When a girl is aroused, she'll want to touch you. If she is more touchy feely with you, it's a good indicator that she's horny. Some specific areas she'll touch are your shoulders, chest, and arms. This is especially true if you're well built in these areas. Don't be too surprised if she reaches for your crotch or behind too.

4. Kinkier Conversation
If she's talking more suggestively to you, she might be horny. We're not going to say she is definitively horny because some girls are just more sexual than others. If you are already good friends with her, it is easier to gauge whether or not her kinky conversation is something to act upon.

To make the conversation kinkier, she might mention past sexual experiences, make sexual double entendres, or tell you straight out she'd have sex with a guy like you. The important thing here is to make sure you are comfortable enough with being sexual yourself and can keep up with her. This can really get things moving.

5. Complimenting Your Looks/Physical Features
If she's giving you compliments, that's definitely a good sign. If her compliments have to do with your looks or physical features, that's an even better sign. She may comment on how big your hands, arms, or chest are. Or she'll compliment how you look in your pants, shirt, jacket, etc. Just be sure to be able to differentiate between polite compliments with horny compliments. The main difference between these types of compliments is how sexual they are. If she just tells you she likes your shirt, she's probably just giving you a polite compliment. But if she tells you she likes how your body fills out your shirt, she's giving you a hint.

Bonus: Random Quirks 
Every girl has her own quirks to tell she is horny. Some examples of this are when she plays with her hair, scratches the back or her neck, or licks her lips. These vary from girl to girl and can definitely be hard to spot in a stranger. If you can manage to figure them out, it'll help out a lot.

FootNote ~ "I'm such a good lover because I practice a lot on my own."  hahahah


#ciksuzlin said...

jadahnya~~perempuan Melayu tak ada semua benda ni. ko ni taste omputih sajork. hahaha.

footnote: yayaya goodlover...good relationship...with your hand ek?

AcidFlynN Wraith said...

HAND? hahahhaa yeah.. u read my mind hahahah

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