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15 June 2011

Body Language Signals to Look for in a Women

This apply for any race of women, whether japanese, chinese, malay or indian, arab…so use this information wisely….
Body language is spoken not with words, but with actions. It is known as a type of non verbal form of communication. Body language is being used constantly, often unconsciously.
Studies made by social scientists showed that a person communicate only seven percent verbally and ninety three percent non verbal or through actions.
The body language that individuals use determines to a great extent the condition of one’s communication. Therefore it is important that one should be conscious of his own as well as the body language of others. Body language can be used for an objective, in the same manner that it can be used consciously.
Several body language signals can balance each other so as to create a specific meaning very clear or to support and highlight the meaning of something that one wants to communicate verbally.
1. Nodding. This act is a very simple sign of responsiveness. The girl is showing a lot of interest in your conversation. She is being very attentive to all that you are saying and is a very good sign that she likes you.
2. Touching her chin. This is a sign of fascination and attraction. She is having a great time with you.
3. Mirror image. When she is imitating the movements of your body, as well as your postures, this means that she is very much interested and attracted in you and at the very least, would want to be your friend.
4. The girl touches the glass’ edge using her fingers. This is interpreted by Psychologists as a sign of sexual attraction. This interpretation is strengthened by a huge number of women who were interviewed and claimed that they do this deliberately to call their date’s attention.
This elegant way of caressing the glass is an indication of underlying calmness, anticipating and self-control. This is to signal you to sit beside or join her.
5. Running her fingers down her hair. Grooming her hair in front of you conveys that she has so much energy and wants to do something. This is interpreted as calling the attention of the man and would like to be held or “captured”.
How she caresses her hair also conveys a message. It lets you know of her character. Slow caressing of the hair means that she is an expert on “love”; fast and tensed touching of the hair reveal shame or impatience.
6. Bats her lashes repeatedly. This is interpreted as wanting to conquer you. She is the aggressive type, wanting to initiate something very romantic. She wants to be the hunter and you be her victim!
7. Wets constantly her lips. The frequent wetting of lips is indeed a very sexual sign that even without the interpretation of experts; you will know its meaning. She wants to be kissed and most probably, wants to be taken to bed.
8. Swinging her legs. As with all body languages mentioned, this act is likewise a sexually stimulating movement. This really indicates that she likes you and even wants to go to bed with you.
And the last thing is start practising………Teach a man how to fish….and he will fish all day long…..haha


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